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Social Media Reminds Leaving Cert Students What They Are Really Working Towards

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As Leaving Cert students across Ireland prepare themselves for their exams taking place in June, social media reminds them – and us- what it is that they are really preparing themselves for…

We are already in the middle of April; for many of us, we are counting down the days until the summer holidays, when we can ease off, relax and enjoy the warm weather – or at least as much warm weather as will be allowed in Ireland! But for many sixth-year students in secondary schools across the country, they are counting down the days for a different reason.

The month of June marks the time when sixth-year students will sit the Leaving Certificate examinations. The exams will begin on 8th June and continue until 28th June of this year. From experience, there is no doubt that students are counting down the days with a mixture of dread, worry, and a desire to just get the exams over and done with. So far, many are posting videos on TikTok, expressing their opinions on the language oral exams. Students are expressing their beliefs on the Irish ‘sraithpictuiri’, how they felt about speaking in French and whether they have done enough to get a good mark.

But there are also videos on TikTok directed to students and parents, reminding them that although they are facing a frustrating time, everything that they do, is towards their future.

As well as the Leaving Cert, students have also faced the dreaded CAO form. This is the form that they must fill out with potential college courses that they wish to do, provided they get enough points in the exams. This form is almost as frustrating as the actual Leaving Cert; with nine different universities across Ireland along with multiple institutes for further education, it is difficult for many to narrow down their choices to just ten on the CAO form.

But throughout all of this, there is a reason behind all the studying, the tears, and the arguments. Parents push their children to study, to ensure that they are able to create a good future for themselves. There are a number of videos that have been posted on TikTok that reminds Leaving Cert students that they are working towards the future. Some have also expressed the importance of going to university.

Nowadays, it is very important for Leaving Cert students to go to university. The concept of going starts out as a thought, then becomes a goal, and then eventually, becomes reality. That is how it is for every student in Ireland.


A message to all Leaving Cert students across Ireland! #leavingcert2022

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As one TikTok video reveals, it is important to go to university for many reasons. The most obvious reason is to obtain a degree. But also, to go to college, such as Griffith College, means that you have the opportunity to study something that you are passionate about. Many students who enrolled in Griffith College, for example, have come to the other side, obtaining degrees in aspects of life that they enjoy doing. It allows one the chance to gain independence and to meet new people along the way. They come out of it with the fact that they have learned more about their passions and are able to go out and obtain jobs in what they love doing. To see one’s name on a certificate is certainly an achievement to be proud of. It makes all the tantrums, sweat, and tears worth it in the end.

It is also to enjoy life; life at college is not all about studying and hitting the books. You can branch out, gain confidence and make new friends. Opportunities such as traveling abroad, learning new skills, and finding yourself are all a part of going to college.

So, for Leaving Cert students, as daunting as the exams will be, everything will be worth it in the end. And there is no doubt that many parents will be relieved when the 28th of June arrives and they can put the last year of arguments and threats behind them!

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