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Three food Channels every College student should follow

In my first year of living abroad, I found that among many other challenges preparing a well balanced meal was a major task on its own. So I found a few social media accounts that helped me and possibly survive college on a nutritious balanced diet, like the one offered by SaffronRoad.

As many students can attest going through college is hard enough between meeting assignment deadlines, attending classes a social life and some working part time. Finding time to plan and make quick easy meals can be a difficult task. As we dont want to survive on frozen pizza every night as it had been the case with me and flatmate.

One of the recommended food is a sandwich because it is easy to prepare. All you have to do is, grab a french baguette loaf put the meat and vegetable on it, then you are good to go.

Here is four Social media accounts that have been offering helpful tips on quick, easy, and nutritious meals that students can follow for a healthier lifestyle while in college. I also learned about the online page with complete resource for recipes and food facts.

Sam with Veggies

It is one of my favorite tiktok accounts. The account is owned by Sam a nutrition science student. She offers the best recipes for students looking to eat a more balanced diet and incorporate more veggies into their diet. In her videos she focuses on the wholesome aspect of healthy lifestyles therefore if you are also looking into working out then she is perfect person to look up. With a hilarious twist to her approach, Sam has been published quick meals that are packed with nutrition to allow one to be able to both quickly cook up a meal and meet nutritional goals.

Full Thyme Student

The rise in the cost of living is not new to anyone especially students, and the student blog has the students lifestlye in mind with a wide range of food options that re quick easy to prepare as well they are within the right bugdet.

Pick up limes

Pick Up limes is one of my all-time favorite food channel and one that I have been following for years, it was started in 2017 and it’s owned by two friends based in the Netherlands. They aim to create a community of food lovers who are able to consciously make food that nourishes their bodies. Therefore, the recipes are mainly plant-based if not all and they have created different playlists to cater to different stages of life whether a student or a professional. However, most of their recipes are quite easy and straightforward and equally nutritious have tried and adopted a couple of their recipes.

student friendly meals a video by @pickuplimes

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