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Thinking about getting tatted? Here’s what you need to know before your first tattoo!

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For many young adults, getting their first tattoo is a rite of passage. Whether you’re thinking of getting a small flower on your arm or a giant tiger on your back, here are some things you ought to know beforehand.

Do your research!

As exciting as it sounds to simply step into a tattoo parlour and request a tattoo on a whim, take your best interest at heart and research beforehand. Google and Instagram are your friend. Check available tattoo parlours and artists in your area that have reliable reviews, many photos, and are within your price range.

Not every artist does every type of tattoo

Going to a tattoo artist that specialises in fine line art while you want a hyper-realistic dragon? Perhaps seek out another artist. This tip ties in with doing your research, but you’ll make it easier for yourself and the artist by the time of your appointment.

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It sounds crazy, but did you know you need to fulfil a lot of requirements before getting a tattoo? A licensed tattoo artist will make you fill out a contract that lists all possible risks of getting a tattoo. People that take certain medication, are pregnant, or have eczema, are suggested to opt out of a tattoo.

Drink your water!

Depending on how big and complex your tattoo will be, you might be at the parlour for a while. If so, don’t forget to drink a lot of water and, most importantly, eat something sugary before and after the appointment. While getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt a lot, it is a lot of stress for the body, so treat your body well and eat a chocolate bar.

Photo by cottonbro studio for Pexels

Have fun

After all that, don’t forget to actually have fun as well. This is a lovely experience between you, the artist, and the friends you undoubtedly bring with you to record the event. Once the needle hits the skin, let go of the stress and enjoy the moment. You got this!

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