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The sways of colors: Ode to paintings

In the humming halls of art galleries, the insides of an old garage, the fading wall on an old street, and the sketchbook of a 7-year-old student playing with crayons, Art resides. Where colors whisper and there exists harmony between our eyes and our mind. The waltzing of pigments against the canvas and the stroke’s of an artist’s imagination come to life. Each stroke welcoming us into the world beyond the mundane. Art is not just a thing that is done, it is a way of life. The ways the trees flow, the texture of the earth after it rains, the light dancing underneath the clouds and how the purple meets blue in the sky. Art is everywhere, it is a part of who we are.

Image by Bodobe from pixabay

1: Pallete of emotions :

When choosing colors, The artist carefully depicts their emotions. Blue says a sad day or a colorful sky and red rains like anger or a beautiful rose. The unfolding of emotions on a canvas, to many these are just colors forming art but the artist knows which looks like their pain or joy or the bliss of nostalgia rushing in. The birthing of a painting is a beautiful thing to behold.

2: The alchemy of pigments :

The mixture of colors to create, holds mysteries. Like a pandora’s box opened and there’s no going back, when an artists mixes two colors that contradict each other you see the fight of dominance. Like red draw yellow in to make orange and black gives way for white to become gray, when the fight is won. The artist paints, using the aftermath of a war they started to create their art. A necessary evil for a beautiful piece.

3: The canvas as a world :

The canvas, a universe of possibilities. Once void of everything stays blank and the artist creates. Says let there be light and there’s a splash of golden yellow, says let there be waters and the blue drips the ocean unto a blank space. The canvas bears witness to the wonders of an artist’s mind, sees the creations, and holds them like a promise to carry this Universe in it.

4: Time as an ally :

everything created follows the dictatorship of time, the birth of life included. But time is an ally to art, A thought metamorphising into colors bursting out. From the beginning of the colors merging together and the stroke of brush pushing them on the canvas, time follows steadily behind. Cradles a painting till it becomes art, holds a feeling as a thought till it becomes a poem, and carries an urge as a muse until it becomes a sculpture. Art is not just beautiful canvases, it’s a journey and time is the driver.

Blood moon painting by Cici, video by Hope Kponi.
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