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The resurgence of a sleeping giant pt1?

The English premier league hosts some of the best football teams in Europe and the world, hosting players from various nationalities in a 20-team tournament. The English premier league has had a lot of winners over the years and Manchester united football club has won the title more than every other team dominating the football league for more than two decades and winning the title an impressive 13 times within 26 years, facing off competition from other rivals such as Arsene Wenger of Arsenal F.C both who were constantly at loggerheads.

The 2018 season brought an end to the 22-year reign of Arsene Wenger of Arsenal which further led to the appointment of former Arsenal captain and favourite Mikel Arteta, a disciple and assistant manager to Pep Guardiola the current league powerhouse. His appointment was met with severe criticisms from football pundits, and with a team depleted and low in spirits he faced a task way more severe than expected and he urged the fans to keep the faith and “Trust the Process”. This was a huge task as results weren’t going their way either and time after time calls for his sack were imminent from fans and arsenal faithful, but the board stood solidly behind him as they constantly reminded fans that this project is a long-term project.

The 2022/23 season has been quite a dramatic season as underdogs Arsenal F.C find themselves 5 points clear at the top of the table after 25 matches played, with the most informed team in England and arguably one of the most complete sets of players in a team in the whole of Europe and the world at large Manchester City closely hot on their tail.

The atmosphere at the Emirates stadium which is home to the Arsenal Football Club suddenly has come alive as it has often been regarded as a graveyard in time past as it constantly had fans who have always been in low spirits due to the bad turn of results for years now and have not won the league title in nearly two decades.

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