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The island of Noirmoutier, a little French paradise.

Between simplicity and authenticity, discover the charming island of Noirmoutier, the new trendy destination on the French west coast.

First of all, Noirmoutier in a few figures: 90 kilometers from Nantes, 83km of cycle paths, 250,000 visitors a year, 49 square kilometers of land.

Photo by Victoire Bouillot for the
Photo by Victoire Bouillot for the

Situated in the heart of the Vendée, this 49 square kilometre island offers visitors idyllic landscapes by land and sea. What makes this island so special is its accessibility. It can be reached via the “Passage du Gois”, a unique submersible road. At low tide, a 4-kilometre route is revealed, allowing visitors to get there by car or on foot. It is also possible to go there during the day for a stroll or to go fishing with the locals. But don’t be fooled by the tides.

Noirmoutier boasts a fabulous castle dating back to the 12th century. If you visit it, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the history of Noirmoutier and the results of conflicts and trade. 

You can’t get to Noirmoutier without passing through the famous Bois de la Chaize and its mythical Plage des Dames. This island is a natural jewel in the Vendée, with its wild dunes and fine sandy beaches. Plage des Dames is a must-see. The setting for many a film, this beach offers a breathtaking view over the ocean, watching the mainland in the distance. The Bois de la Chaize is 110 hectares of woodland with some of the most impressive houses and beaches. You could walk or cycle here. A word of advice: avoid cars.

What better way to immerse yourself in this little corner of paradise than with thirty seconds of video? ⬇️

What makes the island of Noirmoutier so legendary is undoubtedly its purely Vendée architecture. Houses with white facades and coloured shutters, narrow streets, craft shops, lively markets and local produce reveal a rich architectural and gastronomic heritage. Speaking of gastronomy, what’s the local speciality? Noirmoutier is renowned for its salt. In fact, you’ll find a unique and inimitable salt produced directly in the area thanks to its many artisans and salt marshes. Noirmoutier is also very popular for its water sports. Whether you’re sailing, paddling or deep-sea fishing, there’s never a dull moment. Beaches such as Luzeronde, Plage des Dames and Anse Rouge are ideal for this kind of activity. You can even go buoy-skiing or water-skiing!

Photo by Victoire Bouillot for

What to do in Noirmoutier in the evening?

Fancy a party? You’ve come to the right place. The charm of the island of Noirmoutier lies in the “Boite à Sel”. Mythical for locals and tourists alike, the Boite à Sel is the place to dance and party at the height of the season. And then there’s the Café Noir. This café on the port of Noirmoutier, just a stone’s throw from the Château, is the place to be. With its legendary cocktails and themed evenings, it’s a must.

In short, Noirmoutier is the hottest new destination on the west coast of France. With its unique landscapes, legendary heritage and mouth-watering cuisine, it’s a real gem. Whatever your holiday objective, Noirmoutier will meet your expectations.

So, would you be tempted by a trip to Noirmoutier?

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