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OPINION: Dating apps could become an unhealthy trap

Photo by Mikoto from Pexels

Acording to BBC the incessant swiping and the stream of small-talk conversations could be bad for our mental health. Joss Joho wrote and article for Mashable Voice talking about how dating app affects people with anxiety. But I think the problem is not the “swiping left” or the way how anxious people can use these apps. None of them talked about the illusion of socialbilty on dating apps.
What is “social” about them ? We use social media alone. Stuck in our phones and computers, everyday posting things, eyes on screens. Reproducing an “eternal happiness” . Comparing ourselves to others again and again, inside this unhealthy cicle. I would say we are bringing virtual behavior into our daily real life.

Photo by Abdul Kayum from Pexels

Between one match and other, we mix virtual logic with our behavior. If you don’t like blocked it. avoiding an emotionally challenging exchange (conversation). But how do you block someone in real life? Consuming and being consumed, deleting the exes pictures from instagram and changing the status from single to engaged on Facebook. Calculating all the lies that are posted on the virtual as if they were true. Increasingly individualistic, looking for something that matches what is said to be ideal, at the same time suffering pressure to be what is said to be ideal. Being evaluated and evaluated on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble or any other new dating app they invent.

Photo by MAT PRODUCTION from Pexels

Bauman said; We live in a world of communication, everyone gets information about everyone else. There is universal comparison and you don’t just compare yourself with the people next door, you compare yourself to people all over the world and with what is being presented as the decent, proper and dignified life. It’s the crime of humiliation.
Within this individualistic logic, relationships become shallow. Things last as long as the satisfaction lasts. . With many followers, many likes or maybe not. We still socially distant in the real world, increasingly locked in social bubbles. And I didn’t even talk specifically about LGBTQ, disabled and socially marginalized people. In this case, the loneliness and violence of exclusion are even worse.

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