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The growth of the Brazilian community in Ireland brings new businesses to the country

Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash

Ireland has been a sought-after destination for many non-Irish nationals – according to the Census of Population 2016, 535,475 international people were living on the island, about 13% of the population. The Emerald Isle has become a destination for many people worldwide, especially Brazilians. 

In 2021, The Brazilian Embassy in Ireland estimated 70.000 Brazilians living in Ireland, a 500% increase compared to the last six years. According to the Census 2016, Brazilians are the only non-EU nationality in the country’s top ten of international residents. Dublin locates more than two-thirds of them, being the centre of the Brazilian community.  

The Irish visa system for non-English speakers is more welcoming than most countries and gives international people the opportunity to work and study. In addition, to assist the Brazilian community, many businesses have been created. In Dublin’s city centre’s busiest streets, it is possible to notice a greater presence of Brazilian businesses, especially restaurants. 

“I have been living here for four years now. Since I was a child, I had this dream to be abroad, and I chose Ireland because I knew many Brazilians were living here and I would have support if I needed it”, shares Beatriz Almeida, a Brazilian Brow Entrepreneur. Originally from São Paulo, Almeida explained that her dream began with an English Internship, followed by her business opening and her new career goal: to teach her technique to Brazilians and non-Brazilians. 

It is possible to notice the increase of Brazilian markets and restaurants in the main Irish cities, such as Dublin, Cork and Galway. Iraci Soares and Manoel Messias, a couple that migrated to Ireland over ten years ago, say that their decision to open a restaurant in Dublin was due to the city’s lack of Brazilian gastronomic spaces. 

Sabor Nordestino Dublin, the oldest Brazilian restaurant located on Parnell St, brings together the best of Brazilian cuisine and, today, already attracts several nationalities. “Years ago, we didn’t have many places to enjoy your food and then we decided to open this business”, says Messias. 

Today, Ireland has Brazilian parties, concerts, and events that seek to bring the Brazilian culture that helps many deal with homesickness.

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