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The beauty of Donegal

It is no shock that famous travel magazine ‘The Lonely Planet’ named Donegal as the 4th most beautiful place in the world recently. Ireland was abuzz at getting a mention in the magazine. Those who have visited Donegal before were certainly not shocked at it being the place in Ireland that this magazine chose. This coastal county is filled with stunning locations from top to bottom. It is not only ‘The Lonely Planet’ that has noticed this beauty throughout the years.

Steven Hylands via Pexels

Donegal has become an incredibly popular filming location for television shows and films. This is due to the fact that the beautiful landscape looks so attractive on film. Last Summer the rural Donegal town of Glencolmcille was filled with famous actors, most notably Liam Neeson, Ciaran Hinds and Kerry Condon to film the new Netflix movie ‘The land of saints and sinners,’ which was released last Friday, April 26th. The mountain landscape looks picturesque as the backdrop for this gritty thriller. Actors being in the area is nothing new for residents of this location. ‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker is known to frequent here, regularly staying in the local town of Kilcar. And of course, there is Paul Rudd, who passed through this area, stopping in the town of Carrick for a pint, on the way to his bachelor party. He even discussed the location on American late night show ‘The David Letterman Show’ in 2013. He was not alone on this trip, bringing actor Peter Dinklage amongst the crowd with him.

Steven Hylands via Pexels

Of course, there is Star Wars: The last Jedi, which was filmed in Malin Head, the most northerly point of Donegal and of Ireland in general. This remote location was the ideal backdrop for Luke Skywalker’s place of hiding in the film. The greenery and rocky landscape was noticeable in its scenes, causing this area to become popular amongst Star Wars fans and driving tourism to Donegal. It would be remiss to discuss the beauty of Donegal without mentioning its fabulous beaches. Since Donegal is a coastal county, there are many of these stunning sandy beaches to choose from. Surfers flock to this county every year, most notably to Bundoran, to enjoy these beaches themselves. Even Taylor Swift, arguably the most famous person in the world right now, has shared her apparent love of these beaches. Residents of Fanad in north Donegal were shocked when Taylor posted 2 photos from Magherawarden beach to celebrate the one year anniversary of the ‘Folklore’ album. This drove fans to the location hoping to get a glimpse of where the photos were taken.

Donegal, for those who wish to visit, is of course best in the Summer, with the light shining on the locations. This is when these areas tend to become most busy, as Donegal is one of the most popular counties in Ireland for tourism. Nobody wants to be out in the rain or have the darkness and fog of winter ruining their view. The sun shining on these locations makes them appear even more vibrant and beautiful, illuminating the colours.

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