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The 5 best food accounts on Instagram you should be following right now

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels.

A divine dessert? A good main course? Or just a quick and simple dinner? It mostly seems to be a challenge to decide what food to eat for dinner or what to cook for a special occasion. But the best idea is often just one click away. On Instagram, there are tons of ideas that can be used for inspiration, no matter if it is meant to be a bread, a cheesecake or an exceptional starter for the perfect evening. Here are the top 5 best food accounts on Instagram that you should not miss for your next cooking session.

1. Mallory Harr

Mostly specialised on desserts and pastries, this account offers you the perfect inspiration to impress your guests and friends for the next dinner. Starting from brownies and cupcakes to a basic New York-Style bagel, her videos explain step by step what to do to get the best outcome.

2. Mellow Fusion Delights

“Bite into happiness” is the motto of this account, which is definitely true. With a collection of recipes from beginners to experts, it is suitable for everyone who wants to escape the ordinary. The best thing about it: Most recipes contain few ingredients and save you time.

3. Ashley Rodriguez

Simple, classic and nutritious, Ashley shares her passion about every food that basically contains salt. On her “not without salt” website she is also sharing her cookbooks that deal with fresh and seasonal food. With an additional series for outdoor cooking and stunning, simple food shots on YouTube, Ashley Rodriguez is absolutely one to follow.

4. Julia Sherman – Salad for President

Julia Sherman lives, breathes and of course Instagrams salad. Showing that a well-made salad is not just a side or a starter but a healthy and delicious meal instead, she posts recipe ideas for every occasion. Whether during a meeting or even for a bigger group of guests, Julia Sherman always has a suitable salad idea. Her creative and artful blog genuinely makes us want to eat salad.

5. Mirel Eats

If you look for easy recipes with an additional pinch of ASMR, then you will definitely want to give this blogger a follow. From wraps to pizzas, Mirel always adds that certain extra which makes the food unique and special. Even his burgers will actually make you melt and want to try them.

If you are starving for good food right now, you should absolutely give those Instagram accounts a follow and check their incredible food ideas and recipes. And who knows, maybe you are the next chef in your kitchen who impress family and friends with your new secret recipe weapon. For those of you who are thinking about creating their own food account here are some useful tips for your first post.

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