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Slick/Sleek Back Bun Tutorial

Creating a slick back bun on curly hair is a style that seamlessly blends elegance. This hairstyle is a versatile look that can transition from a casual day out to a sophisticated evening affair. The process starts with embracing the natural texture of your curls because it’s not a hairstyle you can over use. 

First, dampen your hair slightly to make it more manageable. Apply a generous amount of smoothing or anti-frizz serum to tame any flyaways and add shine as well as gel. I prefer the Echo Styler Gel. Then, using a hard bristle brush, carefully brush your hair back from the front of your head towards the crown, smoothing it down as you go. For those with thick or coarse hair you can do this part in sections. 

Next, gather your hair into a tight ponytail at the level at which you like. Use a hair elastic that matches your hair color to secure the ponytail in place, ensuring it’s firm and sleek. I prefer to use multiple hair ties to make sure the ponytail is in place and tight.  

Now comes the bun. You can either twist the ponytail around its base to create a tight coil, then tuck the ends underneath and secure them with bobby pins. Or you can take another hair tie and twist your hair leaving some curly pieces out. For added hold and polish, you can spritz the bun with hairspray or apply a small amount of styling gel to smooth down any stray hairs. 

Lastly, to finish off the look, run a soft bristle brush or your fingers lightly over the top of your head to smooth down any bumps or frizz. Optionally, you can add to your bun decorative hair pins or accessories for a touch of flair. 

The result? A chic and sophisticated slick back bun that showcases your curly hair’s natural beauty while having confidence and style.

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