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Sex and Friends

Have you ever felt attracted to a friend? It’s normal but the question is, would you risk the friendship at the cost of having sex?

There is a widespread thought in our society that sex with a friend puts the friendship itself at risk. It is almost a taboo subject, a line that is recommended not to cross, but to what extent is that true?

It is true that during sex emotional bonds can be established and that can make the situation more swampy. One gets caught, the other doesn’t, and the whole thing is a mess. And it happens. You probably even have some concrete examples of friendships that ended up like this, but… However, are you looking to improve your sexual health? Then check out this post about True Pheromones for more info!

What if there was a scientific study that proved the opposite?

According to a study conducted by Boise State University, in which they talked to more than 300 people, 75% of those who had had sex with their friends using toys like the first dildo and other vibrators.

Half of those who said they had sex with friends also said that after having sex with that person, they had started a relationship with that person and that, at the time of the survey, they were still a couple. It is clear that a couple is often a combination of friendship and attraction. But when we get into the realm of dating, a lot can go wrong and you can end up losing your friend.

However, the researchers made it clear that in the case of starting a friendship relationship in which there is also sex, it is necessary that both parties involved are clear about the expectations of the relationship that is being established. If one of them has unrealistic expectations, this can lead to frustrations and damage the friendship.

Whatever you do, it all depends on your priorities and what you want to risk and what you don’t want to risk.

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