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Religion and the world.

Religion is a way of life for many people globally, with some sects having different belief systems. Some religious institutions are common in some areas, while others can be seen in different regions.

In some religions, there is an afterlife and in others, that may not be the case. There is a myriad of religious in existence, though only a few make up the majority.

According to data collected in 2015 and disclosed by the Guardian Newspaper, this article highlights the major religions globally. The figures are based on the number of people who practice that religion.

Based on the data, Christians occupy the largest slice of the pie, as they have 2.3 billion adherents or 31.2% of the total world population of 7.3 billion.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

They sit pretty at the top of those that practice religion totally.

The second religion in the rank is Islam with a population of 1.8 million people globally or 24.1% of the world population.

Hindus take the third position with a number of 1.1 million people all over the world practicing the religion, taking 15.1% of the pie. As for Buddhists, there are 500 million people practicing the religion, with a percentage of 6.9 % globally.

The fifth category includes those that practice traditional or fold religions, and they make up 6% of the globe population with a number of 400 million people.

In the sixth position are religion such as Jainism , Baha’i, and Sikhism and they make up of 58 million people, which is 0.5% of the globe population.

Photo by Timur Kozmenko on Unsplash

After that comes those that practice Judaism with a number of 14 million, and they make up 0.2 percent of the global population.

The remaining percentage which is 16% belongs to those that do not believe in organized religion such as the atheists.

A data visualisation is shown below.

Image by Oluwatobi Adeyemo

The Video below shows the five major world religions.


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