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Places to get some great photos in Dublin

Dublin is full of photo opportunities. Photograph by Marius van Zyl

Dublin is a city brimming with culture and character. There are so many spots where you can get some great photos to share with friends and family. These are the places that I have explored and where I managed to get some photos which I can look back on for years to come.

St. Stephen’s Green Park

Photographs by Marius van Zyl

St. Stephen’s Green Park is one of the many green spaces for one to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center. The name St Stephen’s Green was adopted from a church, St Stephen’s, in the thirteenth century. Back then, the area was common ground extending to the River Dodder.

In 1663 the City Assembly marked out 27 acres, which became the park boundary. This was done in order to generate income. The eighteenth century saw the opening of Grafton Street in 1708 and Dawson Street in 1723, and the area became an area for the upper echelons of society to fraternize.

In 1877 Sir Arthur offered bought the Green from the commission to provide a space for the public to enjoy. He set out to design the park to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility within the city. To achieve this, a lake with a waterfall was added along with flower beds and fountains.

Today, the park is an oasis of tranquility, boasting open spaces, plenty of vegetation, a lake which is teeming with birdlife, such as ducks and swans.

For these reasons, the park presents plenty of opportunities to get some aesthetically pleasing shots for photo enthusiasts.

The Docklands

Photograph by Marius van Zyl

Dublin Docklands is right on the river Liffey, which divides the North and South sides of Dublin. It is a scenic stretch of the city which boasts some aesthetically pleasing architecture. This includes the Samuel Beckett Bridge, the Scherzer Bridges, the pedestrian and cyclist Bridges over the Royal Canal on North Wall Quay, Sean O’Casey Bridge, and Spencer Dock Bridge.

The river itself is a sight to behold on sunsets, but there is also some impressive architecture. Including, Grand Canal Square Hotel, The Convention Centre Dublin, and The Grand Canal Theatre (Bord Gais Energy Theatre).

My personal highlight is the ‘The Famine Memorial’ (1997) by Rowan Gillespie. The sculptures are intricate, detailed, and serve as a reminder of history.

Photographs by Marius van Zyl

Liberty Lane

Liberty Lane runs parallel to Camden St. and is an entrance to a popular club, Opium. The lane itself is full of street art and you regularly see street artists spraying their newest design on the walls provided.

The council has allowed the walls of the street to be used as canvases for street artists and graffiti artists to add some colour to city.

Photographs by Marius van Zyl

A video showcasing some of the photos I’ve taken at these spots

I’ve prepared a short video showing some of my favorite photos I’ve taken at some of the spots mentioned above.

Video by Marius van Zyl edited on CapCut

There are so many more …

I haven’t even scratched the surface of great spots to get some stellar snaps. Go out with your phone and camera and explore. This is best way to get those shots and to also practice your photography.

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