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Opinion: Hakimi or Abouk: who is right?

Abouk and Hakimi’s divorce story hit the internet with different reactions. Hiba Abouk, a 36-year-old Spanish actress and ex-wife of the 24-year-old footballer, Achraf Hakimi filed for divorce and demanded that half of Hakimi’s property be given to her. But the court revealed that Hakimi does not have any property in his name rather all he has is in the mother’s name.
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The question going through the minds of many includes:

Could it be that Hakimi fore saw the divorce coming and tried to secure his wealth?

Some said Hakimi does not trust his wife and knew that divorce was inevitable in his marriage.  

Could it be that Hakimi forgot to update his bank and property ownership to himself?

 Being that he became a football star at a very young age and had his mother serve as his manager even before he got married. All his pay was received by his mother.

What is the fate of Abouk’s property? Abouk is a rich Spanish actress and has acquired some property and made some money also. Is there a chance that the court will order the sharing of Abouk’s Property between Abouk and her husband, Hakim?

Has Hakimi done noble?

On one hand, many are of the opinion that Achraf Hakimi has done noble and wise to secure his property by outsmarting his wife. Some support other men to copy the actions of Hakim as a back up plan should their marriage hit divorce.

On the other hand, many have condemned the actions of Hakimi, stating that it is dishonest and not worthy of emulation. It has been seen by this group as evil against women, most especially wives. That it shows that Hakim was not sincere, transparent, and honest to his wife from inception.

This has caused a mixed reaction as some condemn Hakimi’s action while other commend him. give your opinion on this in the comment session.

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