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OPINION: Why you should visit local artists in your area

Photo by Vishnu R Nair from Pexels

The weekend, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé. Those three singers are currently the biggest artists in the world with billions of streams and phenomenal concerts. But to see one of them performing live people mostly have to spend lots of time, money and effort as well. One could argue that it is worth it regarding the high standard they set in terms of a big band, dancers and stage design. So, does that mean the bigger the better? I wouldn’t say that. Sometimes a smaller concert can be of greater value in many different ways. Therefore, here are some reasons why you should support your local artists as well.

Photo by Firmbee for Pixabay.

The first and most obvious reason is definitely the money. While the average price for a concert of Adele or Taylor Swift for example is between €100-200 per ticket, you can easily get a ticket for a local artist for €35 and below. And that does not mean that it is worse than the others. Singers and bands like ‘Tadhg Williams’ or ‘Somebody’s child’ have incredibly stunning performances and astounding voices. And contrarily to the big artists they are often dependent on people who visit their tour.

The reason for this is as simply as sad. Because of the fact that the musicians do not get money per stream but instead a so called ‘stream share’ where they get paid according to what percentage they have reached in all total streams on the platform, only the bigger artists benefit from this system. The rest earns more or less nothing.

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The idea might sound old-fashioned and outdated but a way to support them directly is by buying their albums. No matter if it is a physical format or a download, buying albums and singles from local artists allows them to grow and enriches the culture as well by contributing to a diverse range of art.

However, the most important and best reason why you should support local artists is because they are way more approachable than the big ones. Starting with a greater chance to watch their concert in one of the first rows they are also offering an autograph-signing session after their gig very often where you can chat with them and make pictures. This kind of fan experience is very rare nowadays and does not exist at all when you are visiting a concert with over 50.000 other people. So why don’t you treat yourself then to an extraordinary experience? I am sure you won’t forget that special moment. I did not forget my last concert in Dublin either, when ‘Somebody’s child’, a Dublin based band was performing in one of the city’s most beautiful theatre.

So if you are now thinking of going to a concert in your area, check out the local artists, listen to their music and get yourself some tickets. You will not only save money but you will get an unforgettable night with your friends and family.

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