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Opinion: 3 ways one can waste precious time.

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Time is one of the things that we do not have in excess and whenever we mismanage time it becomes difficult to regain it. Time management is an essential factor in every project as well as in life. However, this post is about time and life but if you want to learn more about time and project management please click here.  Waste of time is very consequential to our dreams and aspirations.


you make a lot from the little time left

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There are 3 major ways one can waste precious time.

Procrastination: this is when you postpone what you are supposed to do for further time. Procrastination is a dream killer. “a year from today you will wish you started now” this quote is attributed to author Karen Lamb. We are, most times, victims of procrastination because of the assumption that we have more time. The clock keeps ticking and never static. Wasting time is what anyone can do effortlessly. One can be busy doing nothing. The author, Gretchen Rubin says “The days are long, but the years are short.” This is a kind reminder not to let the years fly by without making each day count.  

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Doing the wrong things: time spent doing the wrong things is time wasted. Speeding in the wrong direction is an absolute waste of time. Many are actively investing time in wrong relationships, career, locations, and other endeavours. Everything and everyone do not deserve your time and attention. You must not be part of every project and you must not honour every invite. Be prudent with your time and be sure whatever you give your time is worth it.


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Giving Up:  sometimes, when some people are late to class, work, or an appointment they may decide to cancel it and not attend because they are already late. That is wasting the remaining part of their day just because they are late. Some people approach life with such a mindset. Because they have not achieved much at a certain age, they will result in wasting the remaining time of their life. They will refuse to enhance their life because they feel that time is not on their side. Do not give up! It is better late than never! You can still achieve a lot with little time if you manage it well.

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  1. Time really waits for no man and when the time to do a particular passes it’s not coming back… life may give second chances but time lost is lost and not coming back.

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