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Opinion: 5 ways to love: Being secured in love

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Love is a positive affection towards another. However, this affection if not harnessed and managed can become disastrous. These are 5 ways to love and be safe.

Love with your heart: Intentionally cherish your partner. Have good intentions towards your partner and be sincere in everything you do in and for the relationship. To know more about loving with all your heart click here.

Love with your head: Love with your mind intact. Do not let the affection and feelings cloud your sense of reasoning. Know when you are being used, know when you are being abused, know when your boundaries are trespassed. Do not accommodate negative excesses because of love. To know more about how to handle abuse in relationships click here.

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Love with your eyes: Love is not blind you just choose to close your eyes! Yes! You closed your eyes to the obvious signs because you think you are in love. Love with your eyes open to see when your partner begins to change and when your partner’s heart begins to drift from you. See the obvious red flags and do not ignore them.

Love with your Ears: Some are of the school of thought that third party’s opinion should not be allowed for a healthy relationship. However, there should be a balance here as many relationships have been salvaged by third parties. Love with your ears to still listen to sound advice and counsel while in love. Know when to see a therapist. To know more about the impact of third parties and therapists click here.

Love with your legs: With your legs to take a walk if the love turns sour.  Know when to move, know when to walk away, know when to give up and take a walk. You are not stuck in that toxic relationship you have refused to love with your legs. Do not die trying to prove your love… WALK OUT!

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Video from YouTube by Stephan on when to walk away.
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