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Ngerian leaders too analog and old to lead a dynamic Nation like Nigeria

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Despite being one of the richest in the world, Nigeria is currently going through the worst phase of its economic history as the country is highly indebted to foreign commercial loans northamptonshire. But on the other hand, the country is blessed with Natural resources such as oil, zinc, and arable land limestones times amongst others. One of the factors attributed to this is acclaimed to be the structure and personalities of their elected/ selected leaders as most persons believe the leaders are too old to govern the Country.

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Since its independence in 1960 till date, the country has been ruled by the same set of clans of leaders. For example, The current president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari, who is 79 years old though many believe that’s just his political age which implies he could be older has, ruled Nigeria in the year 1983-to 1985 as an army head of State.

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Nigerians believe that the country’s inability to compete with its peers both locally (Africa) and international is because the leaders who are elected to serve the people are too old to understand how to govern a state as complicated and diverse as Nigeria with ‘analogue’ ideology.

As the country prepares for its general elections, the youth consistently clamour for a chance to be part of governance. However, with the way the electoral process Is going, it’s has become a matter of concern as to if it’s ever possible to have youths play a part in national politics, for instance, the two main parties PDP and The APC candidates for the presidential positions are all not less than 65 years of age.

The saying “leaders are the future of tomorrow” seems not to affect Nigeria’s governance system, or maybe the Future has been sold.

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