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Need for Speed: Inside Nigeria’s Exotic Motor Drift Championship

Photo by Blessing Kure (Edited on Canva)

 We all have to agree that motorsports is a fascinating sport; that being said, let us explore the life of drifters in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.

The atmosphere was electric. The roar of engines, the screech of tyres, and the cloud of smoke from burning rubber instantly transported me to a whole new world. Cars weren’t just driving; they were dancing, gracefully gliding and weaving across the track in a mesmerising display of skill and control. Here’s an honourable mention to PowerHorse Energy Drink for sponsoring this event.

 My friend and videographer Andy called me at the last minute, telling me about this epic event happening in the city. I grabbed my GoPro Action Camera and raced to the venue without a second thought. The moment I stepped onto the scene, my adrenaline went into overdrive!

 At first glance, one would assume that the drift championship was about impressive driving. But I found the passion and dedication of the participants truly inspiring. From the intriguing artwork on the cars to the crews working tirelessly between rounds, everyone involved clearly loved the sport.

 I even had the chance to chat with some of the drivers. They shared their experiences and insights, explaining the techniques involved in drifting and their challenges on the track. Learning about the strategic thinking and split-second decision-making required to navigate the course while maintaining control of the car at high speeds was fascinating.

I asked one of the drivers, “Jaybash, popularly known as the “Drift Prince of Nigeria”, if he wasn’t scared of death, navigating such a dangerous sport, and to my utter surprise, he said he expressed no fear whatsoever and was even into biking.

 While the competition was fierce, the participants had a strong sense of camaraderie. They cheered each other on, offering support and encouragement even to their rivals. This sense of community added another layer of enjoyment to the entire experience.

 Safety was a top priority at the event. The organizers had taken all necessary precautions, including installing barriers around the track, having medical personnel on standby, and crowd control measures. And honestly, the championship itself wasn’t as scary as rumoured, though things could go wrong.

 A word of advice: drifting championships are not for people with sensitive ears! If you don’t like noisy places or have olfactory issues, it is best to find fun somewhere else or protect your eyes because the noise level can wake up the dead. No kidding! And, of course, don’t try this sport at home.

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