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Musicals- Singing your way through a story

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Musicals are like marmite for people, they either love them or can’t stand them. Some people know the words to almost every musical and rush to Broadway or the West End to see the latest musicals or even just a new rendition of an old one. While others simply cannot stand to see people break out in song for no reason.

I however am not one of those people. For me, I am OBSESSED with musicals and find them to be so insightful and entertaining. Whether it is Elphaba defying or Billy Elliot taping his way through a mining strike, I cannot help but want to jump on stage with them and join in.

Here are just some of the incredible musicals on Broadway

Although musicals have been around for many years. They are becoming even more popular to date. Many films are being turned into musicals and put on stage, and other musicals are hitting the big screens. Nowadays people do not need to go to a theatre to see a show. They can simply turn on Netflix or Disney+ and watch a musical from the comfort of their own home. A very popular example of this is the musical Hamilton, directed and performed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hamilton has won many Tony awards for its storytelling and music and is now streaming on Disney+. For those who cannot afford to go to Broadway to see it, they can watch it while sitting at home on the couch, with the perks of singing along without disturbing the rest of the audience.

Trailer for Hamilton streaming on Netflix

With these musicals streaming online, many people who may not have watched musicals before now have the chance to experience them. As a result of musicals becoming so popular, many chat shows dedicate segments of their programmes to musicals as they can be very inviting for the audience but also tell a story. One example of this is James Corden on the Late Late Show. James is an actor, comedian, and TV presenter who is not afraid to discuss his love for musicals, including being in Cats and Into the Woods, both of which were movie musicals. On his talk show, he adds in many segments associated with various musicals and invites other celebrity guests to join him.

22 musicals in 12 minutes on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt

With musicals hitting the big screen such as Dear Evan Hanson and West Side Story, others that have not have still produced some big stars that we see today. Billy Eliot the movie was released in 2000. After five years it was brought to Broadway where Elton John wrote the songs for it. By 2009, Tom Holland was cast in the role of Billy and today is a Hollywood star, known mainly for his role of Spiderman in the new Marvel films. Although an actor, he didn’t play the role of Billy in the film but since starring in the West End has become a well-known face.

Here is a clip of Tom Holland in 2009 when he was cast as Billy in the West End

With musicals becoming more and more popular and with even many more being released, it will be interesting to see what is yet to come and which musicals will thrive.

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