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Man vs Bear (The trending gender debate)


In recent weeks, a controversial debate has surfaced across social media platforms, This conversation has taken a surprising turn as women as expressing a preference for facing the dangers of nature over the potential threats of being left alone with men, particularly harrasment and assualt. The debate has left a lot of men angry and baffled that women would pick the bear over them.

Bear Vs Man poster by Hope Kponi on Canva.

The opinion of preferring to encounter a bear rather than facing harassment or assault from a man says a whole lot about the pervasive fear and vulnerability experienced by women of all ages, all over the world in their everyday lives. It shows the harsh reality, that for some the threat of violence or harrasment from a fellow human being feels more cruel than the dangers posed by a bear.

This eye-opening debate sheds some light on the continuous prevalence of gender-based violence and the deep-rooted inequality that goes on in our society. It also shows the urgent need for change in how we address patriarchy, misogyny, sexism, and toxic masculinity. No woman should ever feel safer confronting a bear than navigating public spaces and relationships with a fellow human being.

Man vs Bear debate by Hope kponi on Hope’s Echo podcast with guest Tracy Harris, Hope’s Echo.

The bear vs Man debate serves as a reminder, of the strong impact of gendered violence on women’s lives and the systemic failures that fuel it. It challenges us to face the uncomfortable truth about the wicked nature of misogyny and the ways in which women are forced to navigate a world which often prioritizes male comfort and entitlement over their safety and autonomy.

man vs bear debate video shared by Amala Ekpunobi

Women stating this argument added “The bear wouldn’t post the video online” “The bear wouldn’t call me a liar” “the bear lives in the forest but the man followed me there” “ people would believe me” “the bear might leave if I scream loud enough” “nobody would say they need to hear the bear’s” “I wouldn’t be asked what I was wearing” and “If I survived, people would believe my story”. It’s often the tactics society uses to silence victims of harrasment and abuse, women are turning it around to raise a voice to gender-based violence.

In conclusion, the Bear vs Man debate calls us to confront this issue. Women should not have to learn 10 ways to stay safe in the club, or how to pretend you are on a call with someone late at night walking back home from work because they live in a world where they feel unsafe. Let’s create a world where everyone feels safe and heard, to build a happier society. This debate remains ongoing and more people are still picking “the Bear”.

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