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Unusual Damont- Live Concert


After some technical difficulties

Damont started up and very quickly got the crowd involved with a mid tempo ballad 


“imma get water cuz I’m nervous and shit” 

Performs ‘Lonely me’- mature lyrics while wearing an “immature” outfit. A whimsical matching white hoodie patchwork set replete with mushroom, flowers , and an assortment of emojis.

Nice synths and bass 

Women at the front and the odd guy with glasses 

Zero to minimal backing tracks showcase his vocal strength and deficiencies.

8:11 ‘Purple’ – Prince inspired track , got the crowd jumping “literally “. My fave track thus far. 

8:16 Call & Response

8:20 ’dafodil’ Frank Ocean type intro

melodic and dreamy piece which invokes feelings about summer love

8:24 ’amber’

seems to be the most popular of his songs with girls screaming ”I love you” and near fainting when he responded.

He’s on tour and heading to Birmingham tomorrow!

i wasss gonna leave after my Heineken but then –

9:05 the other act started. Fancy lights with a song I think is called “Somebody like you”

Nayo like vocals

i wish my friend joined me- and i didnt write about a couple of songs because they just sound so good.

isnt that the point of live shows? getting lost in the music and energy?! im gonna continue to enjoy this duo ive never heard and stop live blogging

9:33 ok im back – they remind me of Majid Jordan mixed with Nayo neither are my faves, but the fusion of the two , along with being live is a win

9:45 met Americans in the bathroom and had a 15min chat.

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