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“It was all downhill from there”: People are sharing the moments their opinion of Elon Musk changed

Despite once being viewed as one of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs, Elon Musk’s reputation among the public has taken a battering in recent years. Coming to prominence as the CEO of Tesla, Musk was widely seen as a visionary with his work in the fields of electric vehicle manufacturing and space exploration.

Since his takeover of Twitter, public perception of the billionaire has changed. In the time since his acquisition of the site, he has changed its name to X and many of his bizarre rants and opinions have been shown on full display, damaging the company’s reputation in turn.

Recently, Reddit user MeowMamiX asked the question, “People who liked Elon Musk but no longer do, what was the turning point?” to other community members on r/AskReddit, and unsurprisingly they were vocal in their responses.

1. “Two things…”

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

“…1. When he called the cave rescuer a ‘pedophile’ and doubled down on it, after lying about sending a rescue ‘mini-sub’.

2. During the height of Covid, he claimed he was retrofitting his production and said he sent 1000 ventilators to desperate US hospitals. He actually sent a few useless and cheap outsourced CPAP machines (for sleep apnea). He never did send a single ventilator.”


2. “Honestly, my shift in perspective came when I noticed the pattern of him using controversy to stay relevant…”

“…Initially, his ideas and ambitions for space and clean energy were enthralling. Then it became a sequence of erratic tweets, controversial stances, and haphazard business moves that seemed more about stirring the media pot than true innovation. The Thai cave fiasco, as mentioned, was an eye-opener, but what sealed it for me was the entire fiasco with the Twitter acquisition. It’s one thing to be an eccentric genius; it’s another to wield influence without a compass.”


3. “I liked him when he was focused on making green energy affordable. I remember when he came out with the Tesla Solar Roof, and I thought it was very cool. I still think it’s a great idea…”

“…The turning point for me was when he became more political, when he started going down the “anti-woke” and conspiracy theorist path. I noticed that the type of people that were rallying around him were not the kind of people I like or even agree with. And Musk kept doubling down, to the point where he bought Twitter and lost all that money. It just became extremely obvious that he’s very thin-skinned and he’s the type of person that can never admit he’s wrong about anything. Then, of course, he started letting his racism and anti-semitism slip out, but I was way past my turning point by then.”


4. “Quite honestly – the turning point was immediately after I started to like him. As I was starting to like him, even…”

“…The problem is that once you learn anything about him, you realize what a miserable sack of wasted flesh he is. Once you start looking into his social media presence, the reality becomes literally unavoidable. So I thought “hey, that Musk guy with the solar panels seems like he might be onto something,” and then one google search later I realized I had been wrong. This was quite a while ago, so his personal opinions weren’t yet plastered everywhere.”


Photo by on Unsplash

5. “Stuff such as him saying he’ll donate 6 billion to fight world hunger if the charity actually laid out a comprehensive plan to make it work. They did, and then he snuck away, never to mention it again…”

“…Weird bloke. Stands for nothing other than his next 100 million.”


Add these instances to Musk’s current spat with Brazilian officials over his platforming of far-right accounts, and it seems his reputation is only going to continue on its decline.

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