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Being Viking In Ireland

Odin by Follow The Vikings
Odin by Follow The Vikings

The Vikings arrived on the east coast of Ireland to plunder in 795 AD, drawn by rich monasteries filled with gold and priceless treasures. But as time went on, the Vikings in Ireland settled, forged alliances, established trading routes with Europe and became a vital part of Ireland’s story.

The Vikings named the place where the Poddle and Liffey rivers meet as ‘Dyflin’, meaning ‘black pool’. Later, this took the Irish form of Dubh Linn. Visit Dublin Castle and see the Dubh Linn as it flows beneath.The Vikings settled in Dublin from 841 AD on wards. During their reign Dublin became the most important town in Ireland as well as a hub for the western Viking expansion and trade. It is in fact one of the best known Viking settlements. Dublin appears to have been founded twice by the Vikings. Viking history is diverse and worth searching and reading about.

Hapenny Bridge Dublin Ireland - Ron Cogswell (Flickr)
Hapenny Bridge Dublin Ireland – Ron Cogswell (Flickr)
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