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Ireland: 3 top things to do this summer

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

There is something unique about the summer that brings so much happiness and life out to us. Lots of sun-filled days, the warm breeze, the beach days, everyone is out the outdoor brunch and loads of fun summer activities.

This is the perfect time to explore nature, go on that road trip and just relax. Here is a small selection of activities to do this summer.

Go for Brunch Date

Having breakfast of your choice under the beautiful sun is one of the essentials of summer. It only happens once yearly so why not take the opportunity. It is time to make that booking, call that friend, friend, or family and plan for that brunch finally. Luckily, Ireland is a place with very amazing restaurants where you can go for brunch. Then, try these date night ideas in Arlington to make your whole day memorable.

Go to the Beach

I believe a summer without going to the beach at least three times is no summer. You get to go to the beach just once a year or should I say enjoy the beach so why waste it. Get that sunscreen, bikini wax, and the bikini, and get ready because it is that time again. Wherever, you live, visit, or just wherever you are in Ireland there is a beach near you so try it out.

Embrace the surf

There is no doubt that the waves of the West Coast are wild and out now. Surfing is one of the important things to try this summer. Ever been to the Cliff of Moher, well if you haven’t this is the perfect time to do that. If surfing is on your bucket list and you will like to check it out this summer, there are a few best surfing spots you can check out.

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year, so while making the bag this summer make sure you don’t forget to explore. Most importantly, always have your sunscreen and sunshades with you!!

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