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Interview with a woman who did a career transition at 40 to become a landscape designer !

Photo from Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Here is an article that will make you understand what is it to be a landscape designer and will make you want to become one before you hear it from a landscape designer herself.

Today, we are interviewing our guest Laure who has recently become a landscape designer after 20 years working in publicity.

Good morning Laure, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions today, first of all how are you?

Good morning Margaux, I am actually really good, it is a pleasure to be with you today and I can’t wait to share my passion with you and everyone that will have the chance to read this article.

Very well, to begin with I will ask you what made you suddenly change for a completely different job ?

I have worked in publicity for 20 years and I really loved it but because of my husband’s job we had to move out to another city, at first I wanted to work from home but my boss didn’t agree so I decided it was time to change. I have always loved gardening, plants, flowers, I always enjoyed spending hours in my garden and I asked myself, what could make me get up every morning ? This is when I decided to do a degree in landscape design. I studied for 2 years and got my degree and then I opened my own enterprise.

Weren’t you scared to not find any clients because you were a self-entrepreneur ?

At first I was but before opening my enterprise I did a lot of research and I talked with a lot of potential clients as well public than private and I realized that a lot a people were looking for a landscape designer in the vicinity of Paris, this is why I did it anyway. And for the first time of my life I wanted to work for my own and no one else. I still do not regret this decision today.

What was your favorite project ?

My very first project was for a nursery school and I think it still remains one of my favorite nowadays. What was really special with this very first contract is that with the school we agreed on doing an amusing activity with the kids, they were all able to plant a small plant and then I did the big landscaping and work. I loved being able to introduce my new job to children.

And to finish in beauty, what would you say to someone who’s scared to do a career transition ?

I would say the things that everybody says but even if it is hard to believe until you do it. I would say that it is never too late to do something you really love, it is never too late to believe in your dreams and that failing is a huge part of succeeding. Having the courage to do it is I think the hardest but once the machine is launched, it’s off to a great adventure and as we say, we only live once.

Thank you so much for your time and your inspiring answers, I wish all the best in this adventure filled with greenery !!!

Here is another experience from a landscaper to give you a variety of answers on the topic.

Hope you appreciated this interesting interview, I’ll finish by giving you a website where you can find landscaper in Dublin that suits all budgets !

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