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How TikTok became a real marketing tool in the music industry?

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Tiktok will reach a certain number of people in 2023, around 14 million worldwide. This application has its weaknesses, but over time it will develop into a real marketing tool for brands and singers alike. Thanks to tiktok, the careers of many artists have exploded, including David Kushner with his hit song Daylight.

Tiktok is a mobile application that lets users share videos with background music. In full bloom since 2016, this application has gone viral and is currently dominating the global market. Brands and individuals are using it as a marketing tool to promote themselves.
This is the case of David Kushner, a young American singer who used tiktok to announce the release of his song Daylight, which to date has had over two billion listens across all platforms.

A three-part marketing operation:

1- “Coming soon”, a three month teaser:

To launch the operation, a sort of teaser was broadcast on TikTok in January 2023, with only the chorus as an extract, enabling thousands of users to discover the music. As the author of a number of hit songs, the singer wanted to hit back harder and develop another strategy using tiktok. Not wanting to reveal the release date of the music, Internet users had time to appreciate the release date. To date, the official soundtrack has been used millions of times. This has enabled the artist to announce his new music and reach many people.

2- The European tour :

In march 2023, David Kushner announced his European tour to his fans. For two months he toured Europe. Daylight wasn’t out. He will be performing an exclusive performance of his new song, which will allow his fans to leak it on social networks and therefore increase the teasing of his music and its release date, scheduled for 14 April 2023.

The fact that the video for her new song has been posted on social networks offers fans even more suspense

It’s again one month to wait for his fans. It’s a risky bet because it will be almost 4 months after the song success on Tiktok. To date, the sound has been used on tiktok more than three million times by users and it continues to increase

3- The revelation

The 14th April of 2023, David Kushner launched his song “Daylight” to the world. And it’s a huge success. 24 hours later, it has already racked up over 600 million listens on the Spotify platform, 5 millions on YouTube and the Top 1 on the world ranking. It’s such a worldwide success that a Wikipedia page has been created for it. It’s the same with successful music.

To conclude, David Kushner has been very smart with his song communication because it shows the power of Tiktok and how the communication is important nowadays. Without his launch on social media, this song would have reached only the singer’s core audience, whereas thanks to Tiktok in particular, he has gained in popularity. This example clearly shows the impact of social media on our society and the power of tiktok, which is growing by the day.

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