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How much do we know from Kilkenny?

Photo taken by Kleizmer Cruz for The Circular.

Home to St. Canice’s Cathedral, the Black Abbey and St. Mary’s Cathedral, this city is an important tourist destination in Ireland. One hour away from Dublin city centre by train, the city has become one of the most valuable cities for visiting with family or friends. This city encloses an old and large history that dates from the early sixth century when founded by an ecclesiastical settlement.

Photo taken by Kleizmer for The Circular.

The city has a predominant medieval look to the architecture of its buildings and its imponent castle. Kilkenny Castle is the principal face of Kilkenny and a main symbol of the city. It was built in the 13th century for defence purposes. The castle was home to the Ormonde dynasty which came with the Norman invasion. This made them the rulers of the surrounding areas for a long time. The city often holds interesting and enjoyable events for each season. For instance, one of the upcoming events to take place this year is the Tradfest from the 15th to the 19th of March. The Tradfest is an exciting festival that exposes the cultural and traditional heritage of Ireland in terms of music and dancing. Kilkenny has become the perfect city for hosting this sort of event and more.

Kilkenny Tradfest 2023
Photo taken by Kleizmer for The Circular

One of the most iconic pubs of the city is ‘Mat the Millers’ located at the bridge that takes you to the principal square of Kilkenny and where the castle is located. The pub receives many tourists and locals offering the best environment and live music.

Among many other things, the city is also well-known for having been the home of origin of the Smithwick’s, an Irish red ale beer founded in 1710, coupla e of years before the Guinness, the most famous beer in Ireland. This beer attracts the nation because of its red deep colour and its sort of sweet flavour at first taste. The Red Beer has a museum just some meters away from the castle and it explains the history of the Smithwick’s along with the brewing process and innovations. A worthy visit to Kilkenny must include a tour of the museum and a pint of the popular beer. The city has so much to offer and a good number of things that would add value to your holiday’s to-do list. If your purpose is to explore the Irish culture and its hidden gems Kilkenny is a good place where to start.

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