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How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

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Twenty years after I left college and set off into the big wide world, I signed up again and took on a Masters in Journalism and PR in Griffith College. I had been deliberating for years, talking myself out of the commitment a Masters would need, but finally bit the bullet and had my first classes in February 2022.

I am now the know-it-all mature student. I wear docs like all the other girls but mine are battered relics of my 90’s teen years and are worn for their sturdy support and reliable grip rather than fashion. If I can offer one piece of advice to my fellow students, it’s to wear good shoes and look after your back. One minute you are sinking pints all night and springing out of bed at 7am, the next you are cracking your knees every time you get off the couch and pints are a thing of the past because hangovers last 4 days.


Griffith has provided me with the tools and creative outlet I needed to recharge and rejuvenate my brain after the closed, small world of covid lockdown. My fellow students come from all over the world and their ideas, opinions and experiences have enriched my learning.

I have been working full time since I left school in the 1990’s and have found that continuous professional development is key to stopping stagnation. The challenges posed by undertaking courses keep our minds active and the sense of achievement from a pass gives a much needed serotonin boost. My journalism Masters at Griffith has been my best experience yet. Even after just a few months, my communications skills have been polished and hones, and I have been opened up to new theories, methods and opportunities in the communications world.

Going back to college has been a joyous experience, made all the better by the collegial, co-operative and progressive ethos at Griffith. I highly recommend it for any age group – from leaving cert students researching courses to mature students, there is something here for everyone.

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