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Social media users react to Elon Musk’s rare footage of solar eclipse

Photo by Leoleobobeo for Pixabay

On April 8th, 2024, a rare and incredible event took place as millions of people around the world witnessed a solar eclipse. Depending on their location, some were lucky enough to see a full solar eclipse while others experienced a partial one. Those in Mexico, certain regions of the United States, and Canada were treated to a full solar eclipse. Furthermore, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared exclusive footage of this spectacular phenomenon as seen from orbit.

Footage by SPaceX

The unusual footage sparked varied reactions online. Some were amazed, while others questioned its authenticity.

A certain user on X who goes by the name of Elon Musk (Parody) decided to air his thoughts. Initially, this user praised a recent event, describing it as “absolutely spectacular”. However, their tone soon turned political as they expressed disappointment in the way Earth has been managed. They criticized past and current policies that have been implemented to manage the planet that solely supports humanity, believing that such policies have not been effective.

Another user on X platform, with the username @HSajwanization, expressed amazement at the beauty of the footage. They said, “No other satellite has ever shown us this. Thank you, @Starlink.” This comment demonstrates how the footage provided a unique perspective of the solar eclipse that was different from what many online users saw in footage taken from the ground or rooftops.

@iontecs_pemf, while expressing his amusement, posed a question: “Does that resemble the North Pole exit to the beyond, like the Looking Glass Reality on the other side of the dome (to Neuschwabenland/Agartha)?” The user X stretched his imagination about the appearance of the North Pole and its beyond. Perhaps if the footage were longer, it might have answered this question.

User @veazydoezit expressed a different perspective on the subject. They brought up the religious aspect of it by commenting, “Imagine what our ancestors thought of these events, they must have been in full sacrifice mode”. This demonstrates how times have changed and how technology has provided answers to many questions that the previous generations had. The footage shared by Musk proves the theories about our solar system and how it works to be true.

User @simenomics expressed amusement with the footage, commenting on how incredible technology has become. They reflected on the progress made in the past decade or so, and how it has allowed us to capture unique images like these. They feel fortunate to be alive at a time when satellite technology can capture such amazing footage, in contrast to a time when technological advancements were limited.

As expected, some had differing opinions about the phenomenon, even as others expressed happiness at the rare footage.

“User @OCryptoTroll was confused about a video shared by Musk, which showed a solar eclipse as seen from orbit. He asked, ‘If the moon covers the entire sun from our view, why is there only a small shadow on earth? Shouldn’t the entire planet be in shadow?’ This question sparked a conversation about how solar eclipses work, and many people like @OCryptoTroll are wondering the same thing. Physicists can explain the phenomenon and provide answers.”

One of the users, @FarshidV74, raised a question about the moon’s visibility during a solar eclipse. They wondered whether, with all the technological advancements available to NASA, it should be possible to see the moon approaching the sun before it completely covers it. They also posed a question to Musk about why the moon is invisible before and after it covers the sun.

Dallas, USA Residents Reaction to Solar Eclipse.

Residents in the western part of Ireland had a rare chance to observe a partial solar eclipse around 8pm, despite limited visibility caused by unfavorable weather conditions. Astronomy Ireland noted that those in Galway had an advantageous position to view this remarkable event. A few solar enthusiasts managed to catch glimpses of the eclipse as the sun neared the horizon and successfully documented the occurrence.

Photo by SimaGhaffarzadeh for Pixabay

Solar eclipse enthusiasts were quickly reminded to always wear prescribed protective glasses when looking at the sun. Failure to do so could result in permanent eye damage.

The next total solar eclipse visible in Ireland will occur in 2090, so mark your calendars, eclipse-chasers!

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