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Has Tik Tok become a social media platform that is danger for children and teens according to Parents?

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Social media platforms have been very successful towards all ages for posting online. Tik Tok is an app created for a mobile device user to create and share short videos from their day to day lives. Whether it’s about break-ups, travelling, entertainment, boxing, sports, food recipes to show how to make dishes, challenges for dancing, making, and eating spices for certain foods. Which there is there is so much you can create and post on Tik Tok that can tell the public, who you are and what are you comfortable with to show to the world a different side of yourself like never before. 

Dance videos has been trendy for years through social media especially it there is a challenge. One of the main social media’s that has been very successful in that area is Tik Tok. Tik Tok challenges has continued to be shown through the news alongside reports, making a lot of money as young Tik Tok stars through endorsement deals. Which somehow effects parents having a love/ hate relationship towards the social media platform.

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If you don’t know a Tik Tok challenge asks or “challenge” it means a viewer would take some action and record it for sharing on Tik Tok. Therefore, challenges are found from hashtag searches, and they start from other peoples accounts that trend on Tik Tok videos. Based on dance moves, movie quotes, songs and more.

With this happening it is fortunate that these challenges have become successful to inspire users around the world to make the same type of video. Challenges can take a toll towards being good or bad depending on how dangerous or safe it can be.

Tik Tok has already been faced with accusations that is not safe for children or teenagers, as they may violate privacy laws. Therefore, this has been happening from the app and was forced to make safety changes for younger teens. 

I am sure that every parent faces on trying to keep their child safe for whatever is happening online through today’s world in this issue for Tik Tok challenges. In year 2023, 150 million Americans on Tik Tok, which makes one of the most popular social media sites there is for teens. 

Photo credit: TikTok app by Omolara Agbaje

The online social media started in 2014, as a lip-synching site called, and has continued throughout the years. Lip-synching is still a major theme that has been popular on the Tik Tok app. If there’s a challenge of a song, a user would scroll through seeing the same video posted more than once, yet the audio would sound the same just like other hashtags user. Then as a parent, you are in a great deal of trouble, therefore no matter what social media platform your child, or teen uses, they are most likely to encounter potential safety issues. 

Carefree smiling young Asian woman dancing with her eyes closed

As an example, a risky challenge that trends on social networks would be ‘Milk Crate Challenge’, where the users would fall of stacked boxes. Another example would be ‘Egg Crack Challenge’, where adults would crack hard shelled egg off the child’s forehead, when the child is not aware of it happening to them. 

Older children would see this challenge as a joke, and toddlers often end up crying in shock. Yet, this live footage is uploaded on social media platforms, such as Tik Tok to show humiliation and as a hilarious video for the world to see. The “Egg Crack Challenge” was criticized by parents who claimed for it to be violence and did not accept it as part as a joke.
Others mentioned that it can damage the child’s trust in the adults, which then would lead to them not wanting to spend time with their family. Very little changes have been made through social media platforms but trendy songs, videos, movies scenes, and more will always be shared, reposted for the public to see and react to. 
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