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Harry never goes out of Style(s): 10 outfits I can’t get off my mind

Image by cottonbro studio on Pexels

It’s needless to say that Harry’s ‘Style’ has become more and more iconic as years go by. From his early Jack Willis tracksuit days in One Direction to his vibrant and sparkly Love On Tour outfits, Mr. Styles has not disappointed. Like never before, has Harry Styles dominated the cultural landscape as he has in the past 12 months. The British superstar has been making headlines in so many areas of the entertainment industry, it’s been hard keeping track. Whether he’s releasing record-breaking songs, shooting critically acclaimed films, or launching his own beauty line Pleasing, Styles never fails to surprise us.

When it comes to fashion, Gary, as his friends like to call him, has been an undisputable icon throughout the years. In the early One Direction days, Harry’s ‘Style’ reflected 2010 fashion: checkered shirts, khaki jackets, cozy cardigans, knitted beanies, and wrist bracelets. As the band’s popularity rose, Mr. Styles began upping his fashion game. In the following years, the singer became known for his black skinny jeans, Saint Laurent chelsea boots, and print shirts. As his boyband years were coming to an end, Harry entered his Gucci years, and printed suits became an ever-present element of the singer’s style.

As he released his first solo album in 2017, Styles began experimenting with gender-bending fashion: satin blouses along with colourful suits, stacked heels, and flashy rings. With the release of his second album, Fine Line, began Harry’s wide-leg pant era. Wide pants were not only the eye-catcher on the album’s cover, but also at every event related to its promotion.

Then came Harry’s year, also known as 2022, in which the singer-songwriter gave us fans and fashion enthusiasts everything and more. In the past 12 months, Styles gave us Grammy-winning album Harry’s House, two jaw-dropping Coachella performances, mind-boggling Love On Tour outfits and the always-present ‘Satellite stompers’ (aka, Adidas x Gucci sneakers), two film premieres and the fabulous outfits that followed, and not to forget the Gucci HA HA HA capsule collection.  

While most of us are still recovering from Harry’s year, let’s look back at 10 fits that, to put it lightly, got me living in a daydream.

1. Harry’s frat boy era
Image uploaded by rea on Pinterest

2013 Harry Styles had us all in a chokehold. At One Direction’s performance on NBC’s Today at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, Harry stepped on the stage in one of the most iconic fits of the era. The black skinny jeans, white t-shirt, and flannel combo marks the heyday of Harry’s frat boy era.

2. Long-hair Harry
Image uploaded by GQ on Pinterest

This whole outfit just screams ‘long-hair Harry’ supremacy. At the 2015 AMAs red carpet, Mr. Styles rocked a black-and-white floral two-piece Gucci suit that left many wondering why the outfit looked so familiar. Fans immediately compared the singers red carpet look with a popular IKEA pattern sold as duvet, pillow, and chair covers. Notwthstanding the striking resemblance, the fit is flabbergasting to say the least.

3. Solo Harry
Image uploaded by Cosmopolitan on Pinterest

Solo Harry gave us new music, short hair, and obviously more suits. At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai in 2017, Styles hit the runaway in this stunning baby blue Givenchy look. Performing his song “Only Angel”, Harry was without a doubt the most fashionable angel on that runaway.

4. Harry Styles: Live On Tour
Image uploaded by Alya Swan on Pinterest

Harry Styles Live On Tour outfits were one more breathtaking than the other. The Mexico City Night 1 outfit will however always remain the most iconic of them all. Styles wore an all-black and all-Gucci fit. The suit was without a doubt a tribute to Mexico as the colourful flowers, and the red crystal fringe on the sleeves reveal.

5. Fine Line Harry
Image uploaded by British Vogue on Pinterest

Worn during a rehearsal for his appearance on The Today Show in February 2020, Styles’ colourful cardigan started quite the trend on TikTok. The patchwork sweater originally designed by JW Anderson was soon recreated by fans who began showing off their home-knitted replicas on TikTok videos. Once again, Harry proved to be a true trend setter.

6. Vogue’s first cover boy
Image uploaded by Vogue on Pinterest

Appearing in the December 2020 American Vogue issue, Harry Styles became the first solo man to be on the cover of the magazine. The cover along with the photoshoot was, to put it mildly, jaw-dropping. The outfits are symbol of tolerance, creativity and breaking away from stereotypes. The cover celebrates gender-fluid fashion and epitomises Harry’s unique and bold ‘Style’.

7. First time Grammy winner
Image uploaded by Eddie on Pinterest

The 2021 Grammy Awards were iconic for a plethora of reasons, but most importantly for Harry’s “Watermelon Sugar” performance in this Gucci leather suit and green feather boa combo. The chart-topper also got Harry Styles his first Grammy win for Best Pop Solo Performance.

8. Harry x Coachella
Image uploaded by Happylyda on Pinterest

On his second Coachella weekend, Styles left us, once again, in awe. The fashion icon wore a cowboy-inspired look complete with a voluminous fuchsia feather coat, hot pink pants, a vest, and a cropped jacket to match, all designed by Gucci. As his perfomance went on, each layer was removed and thrown into the air with dazzle.

9. MSG residency Harry
Uploaded by Marleny on Pinterest

A major component of his enormously successful Love On Tour, was Mr. Styles’ 15 night residency at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Breaking Phish’s record, for most consecutive shows played by a single artist, Styles received a banner that’ now hangs in the legendary venue. Harry’s Love On Tour outfits were groundbreaking to say the least, yet nothing topped the striped set he wore for the 15th and final show at MSG.

10. 3x Grammy winner
Image uploaded by Emma on Pinterest

The 2023 Grammy Awards were the perfect example that hard work pays off, as Harry Styes brought home not one but two gold-plated gramophones. Though the singer wore a total of three different outfits throughout the night, the one in which Styles accepted his awards for Best Pop Vocal Album and Album Of The Year is the one that I will keep sweet in my memory. The cropped ivory blazer, the sequined tank top, the camel pants, and obviuosly his black and gold ‘Satellite stompers’ epitomised Harry’s impeccable ‘Style’.

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