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Griffith College ticking all the boxes.

I was really definite about what I wanted to study and what I was seeking in a college before I even started exploring, this made it easier for me to Zero down to Griffith College, particularly the Dublin campus. 

Located in the capital and the largest city of Ireland Dublin, this 7-acre campus is one of the two largest independent higher education institutions in Ireland. 

Photo by Sarah Ntabadde for the

From the gate, and the school grounds to the classrooms, the aesthetics of this former prison and military barracks now turned into learning spaces have the best impact on the brain function of every student especially creatives like myself. 

Griffith Administration block. Photo by Sarah Ntabadde for the

Hats off to the media department; under the leadership of Barry Finnegan and Oliveann Cassidy, the most extensive solvers I have ever come across in my entire educational life, they move mountains. After a few email conversations, they often came back to me with solutions in a couple of days if not hours. They had an answer for every problem I had—and I had many. I occasionally can’t help but wonder if Mr. Michael D. Higgins could discover a solution to the nation’s housing dilemma if he borrowed Barry and Oliveann for a few months from Griffith. 

  The professional studios, both for Radio and Television mirror what you will find in most working environments, The Radio and Television programs at Griffith are so practical and hands-on that it enables students to gain experience in television and Radio studio production and develop skills in television and Radio studio practice. students develop a range of transferable skills in audio-visual production that make them stand out in the industry. you will find your feet during your stay at Griffith. 

In one of the Radio studios at Griffith College , Photo by Heloisa Carneiro

Primarily Taught by industry professionals who are not shy to tell you what the industry expects of you. You are always pushed to do better. The Lecturers are so encouraging and supportive of work placements. They have the network to help you get your foot in the door of Ireland’s media industry through the internship opportunities presented to you at the end of the course. 


Enjoying a photo moment with our lecturers after studio practice.

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