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Griffith College Dublin: An Enabling Environment for a Conducive Study

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A conducive learning environment entails a setting or space that allows a free exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills among lecturers and students. It also speaks about the infrastructures where learners have access to facilities in exploring their skills. Achieving the expected educational goals could be successful by considering the physical, psychological, social, and cultural needs of learners.

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Research by Dorji studied the impact of unconducive environment and found out that it has a negative impact in student performance and has also affected the transfer of learning in real life situation. Another study published in learning environment research addressed on learning environment shows that students are being influenced in their learning experience either positively or negatively.

YouTube video by by Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia on the features of learning environment.

Much has been expected in terms of development and greater expectations by the third level education system, which a major part of it is preparing skilled people for the digital era market. Creating an enabling learning environment entails the integration of ICT in classrooms, support of ICT based activities.

Library and comfortable classrooms are some of the important facilities frequently used by both students and lecturers to support learning.

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Griffith College Dublin has proven to be advanced in library facilities through its digital materials like, eBooks, audio, videos, and other database materials to improve learning experience.

A study by Aithal identified six essential elements a school needs to have to be identified as world class university. These essential infrastructures include physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure, innovative academic and training infrastructure for confidence building, intellectual property infrastructure, emotional infrastructure, and networked infrastructure.

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Griffith College Dublin possess all these structures in the form of location, connectivity, classrooms, studios, computer rooms, equipment and camera room, library, counselling centres, game centres, cafeteria. It also has digital facilities such as internet accessibility for simplification of study through the Moodle, digital publication, website accessibility of courses and materials.

TikTok video on Griffith College as a conducive environment for learning, by Beatrice edited on capcut for

Griffith College Dublin has proven to be high in standard of education through its acquisition of necessary structures and more to enable the learner to imbibe extra-ordinary skills for easy marketability outside the school. They still aspire to grow by introducing more innovations to enhance both the lecturer and the students learning. This have impacted positively in learners by being physically and emotionally balanced for learning.

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