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French Gastronomy a real challenge

photo from pexels from Esranur Kalay

The French are very attached to many customs, this is what makes the French charm and its culture very specific to it.

Beret, baguette, Paris, art, fashion and its many gastronomic dishes are the elements that represent France.

Today we will talk about French gastronomy and its typical dishes that are famous around the world. here are some ideas for a real French dinner ! ;

Photo from pexels from Esranur Kalay

As a starter, what better than a good light but gourmet salad ?! Nicoise salad is a real reference for the French. It contains neither beans nor rice but rather raw vegetables, shrimp, peppers, onions. you can also add black olives.
it is a typical Mediterranean salad and thanks to its success it is known all over the world! it is known since 1918 and at the time people ate it only with “pain-bagnat”
it is very easy to prepare since in just 10 minutes it is ready!

For the main course, it’s very simple. The French are great meat lovers, so what better than eating pork roast accompanied by its potatoes?! It is a dish that my mother has been making for years, when we receive guests whether with friends or family.

Pork roast is cooked in oil with thyn and rosemary. It cooks for about 45 minutes so that it is tender. To serve it must be cut into thin slices. you can eat it hot and cold and it is even better to eat it the day after cooking so that it is well tasted
potatoes are a classic of French gastronomy! it is a variety of potato containing a slightly sweet flesh! The potatoes are cooked in the oven, for which are grilled outside and melting inside. they need to be cooked about 45 minutes seasoned with coarse salts, oil and rosemary.
Tip: to make the potatoes even better, add a little paprika!
To accompany this nice dish, I recommend a good fresh green salad! At the table!

Although France is very strong for its hearty dishes, in terms of dessert it also offers gourmet traditions!

Raspberry tart is a real tradition!
Gourmet and light, this tart will be swallowed at the end of the meal or even without hunger, for pure gluttony, snack. The soft crunch of the dough, the freshness of the cream, the acidulous fruitiness of the fruits… that happiness!
On the photo it is a little revisited since it comes from pastry of the famous Paul Bocuse, a pioneer of French gastronomy.

As a second dessert proposal we have the chocolate tartelette. These small tartlets are really delicious! A fine crispy dough with a firm and melting cream-ganache very chocolate, a pure marvel! My version is simple to make and I give you here my technique of the «flour bag» which is perfect to make a sweet dough bottom! this pastry is still a little more greedy and caloric but I assure you that it is so light that you will not regret it!

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