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Four great places to visit when in Shoreditch

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A few weeks ago I found myself stuck in Shoreditch, London on a Friday morning. I had a few hours to kill, because in a classic money-saving move, I got the early morning flight into London, but my hotel check-in did not open until the afternoon. Not the worst problem to have, especially when the location I found myself stuck in had so many options to explore. Here are some of the best places I visited.

First, I had to eat, but not somewhere that charges 20 pounds for a stale sourdough slice. I chose the Vintage Café, a local brunch spot. At the time, there were only a few locals there, getting their breakfast or coffee orders, each was greeted by name and just a simple “The usual?”, which to me seemed like a good sign. The food was great, and the menu was full of options. 

Food and drink at a café
Photo by Dovile Grybauskaite for

Another amazing spot I came across was Jolene on Redchurch Street. This café and bakery supports ethical farming and regenerative food systems, and have partnered with Wildfarmed as their grain supplier. The design of the café was what really stood out, from the outdoor façade, which was painted a muted pink, to the accompanying website which matches the colour in a very satisfying way. The pastries and coffee were amazing, and I’ve heard their sandwiches do not disappoint. 

While in Shoreditch, I also wanted to see if I could find some interesting shops that I had not yet been to. The first place I went to was Toast, also on Redchurch Street. They had some lovely basics and knitwear, and right away, without even knowing much about the brand, it was clear that all their items were really high quality, focusing on craftsmanship and longevity. What really caught my eye was the homeware section, with some great throws and ceramics. It’s definitely not a low-budget shop; their focus on high quality and sustainable materials is reflected in the prices of the items. 

Pasta shaped candles on display
Photo by Dovile Grybauskaite for

Finally, I went to House of Vintage, a vintage shop that has a carefully curated selection of items, but also sells some accessories and décor items from small independent brands. There were some amazing items here, from the classic vintage Levi’s jeans to leather bags and cowboy boots. They had some interesting pieces, such as pasta shaped candles from Nata Concept Store, which I really wish I bought. If you visit House of Vintage, make sure to look around the street, as there were also some other great vintage shops very close by. 

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