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International Students: Why Griffith College should be at the top of your list

photo by Lizeth Amaya for The Circular

Image by Lizeth Amaya from the circular

As an international student, after making the decision to study in a different country and deciding on the country, the most important thing is to start making our research and figuring out the right school for you. For me, Griffith college wasn’t an easy decision. Asides from the fact that I had friends who were already doing their master’s degrees there, I wanted a school that will make me feel safe and comfortable. I started to make a lot of research and two things stuck with me, first was the fact that I could do public relations which I initially wanted, and journalism at the same time which is amazing. the second thing is the fact that every time I sent a mail, the responses were swift and they were always ready to help and listen trust me I asked a lot of questions.

After gaining admission and getting my visa accepted, I sent an email to notify them and from that moment it became like I had a new family, and I was taken care of. They ensured I got the right documents and my safety was super guaranteed. I got a pick up from the airport. the driver was nice and super funny.

Lectures started and it was super unbelievable how nice the lecturers were, I guess I was really surprised about all this because of where I was coming from and the fact that we had this belief about foreigners and how some of them can be. it was a completely different experience. It’s been over a year and I still feel so much at peace.

Griffith College is the school you want to choose if you need assurance of peace, complete safety, and a very exciting educational experience.

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