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Exciting Course Options to Consider in Griffith if You Plan on Going for Your Masters

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There are a wealth of exciting courses available for postgraduate studies in Griffith College. These courses are well-tailored to the academic needs of students, and promise a range of both result-oriented as well as flexible lecture plans.

For students who plan to study for a postgraduate degree in Griffith, it is essential to choose from courses that are as exciting, interesting and fitting to one’s career choices.


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MSc in Accounting & Finance Management

An MSc in Accounting & Finance Management offers both part time and full time learning opportunities with a one-year duration for full, and two-year duration for part time. Situated at the Dublin Campus, the course provides a postgraduate, advanced study of finance and the mechanics of accounting. It is a training, none like can be gotten anywhere else.

Drama Performance

A certificate in Drama Performance provides a one-year part time study of the best practices in modern-day drama and dramatic arts with the purpose of training the best dramatists as well as drama teachers. The course has its core courses as Preparing the Performer, and The Creative Process.

International Law

Griffith College also offers an LLB in International Law. This degree runs a full time one year course at the Dublin main campus. The course aims to teach students the rudiments of advanced research and study for their future careers. It offers courses such as Public International Law, Advanced Legal Research and Writing, Corporate Governance, and many others.

Journalism & Media Communications

For the journalism and investigation-minded, an MA in Journalism & Media Communications is the right choice for you. It offers a one-year full-time or two-year part-time course of study at the Dublin main campus. It boasts of such exciting courses as Media Law and Ethics, Radio Journalism, Sociology of the Media, Media Design and Production, as well as a host of others.

From business to science, to art/humanities, journalism, etc, Griffith College has it all in its 56 Postgraduate Courses. It covers courses in a myriad of relevant fields, and provides opportunities for students with its internationally-recognised degrees. Moreso, Griffith College is Ireland’s biggest independent tertiary institution. It has locations in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. It is the best place to be!

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