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Everything You Need to Know About Having a Springer Spaniel

Photo by Adam Mills for Unsplash

If you have ever heard the dreaded question: ‘Can we get a dog?’ from a child or just want a furry friend for yourself, there are a few things that you need to know if you ever consider getting a springer spaniel dog.

Growing up, I adored dogs. I was one of those kids who wanted my parents to get the family a dog. It didn’t matter to me what breed it would be, I just wanted a furry friend of my own. It wasn’t until I was nineteen, that my wish was finally granted when my parents brought home a beautiful nine-week-old springer spaniel puppy.

After careful consideration, we decided to name our new family member, Murphy. We named him after the captain of the Donegal GAA team, Michael Murphy – the name proved accurate as our puppy got older – he loves playing football!

Now that we had a dog in the family, there were quite a lot of things that had to change. Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a baby; you have to adapt to a dog’s needs, just as you would a child’s. A dog needs to learn to adapt to its new home and its new family.

Nervousness and Needs

A common trait in springer spaniels is anxiety. They have a strong need for attention and get upset and nervous when they do not receive it. When Murphy was just a puppy, he was very nervous. It took him quite a while to get used to our family. As he grew up he constantly begged for attention; this is a trait that has never gone away as he got older. Any loud noise like a doorbell or a stranger coming to the house also sets him off barking and howling. This nervousness is something that any dog owner must expect when their furry friend comes home.

Stubbornness and Stealing

One thing that we quickly learned when we got Murphy: never leave your socks or shoes lying around because springer spaniels love chewing them up! The number of socks that have been left torn and scattered across the floor over the last seven years, all because of our dog! Make sure to put your footwear out of reach of any dog!

The remnants of a very expensive shoe after being chewed up by a springer spaniel (Photo by Eidhne Gallagher for

Being Out and About

It’s not for springer spaniels – all dogs love to go out for walks and be out in the fresh air! It’s not just good for dogs, it’s great for their humans too. Taking a dog for a walk is a perfect excuse to get a little bit of exercise! It’s important to take your dog out every day, regardless of the weather. They need an opportunity to be outside the house. While some dog owners say that they take their dog out once a dog, I’d recommend that you do it at least twice. I know that springer spaniels love being outside every chance that they get!

Comfort and Cuddles

One final thing that you need to know about springer spaniels is this: they adore cuddles. When you have a dog, it’s important to remember to let them come to you. Never invade their personal space; of course, no dog understands not invading their humans’ personal space!

When any dog is settled and comfortable with their humans, they are up for any cuddling offered to them. Give them massages and gentle strokes and any dog is perfectly happy!

Everything mentioned here relates to every breed of dog. But these are a few things that anybody needs to know if they ever consider getting a springer spaniel.

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