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Does the breed makes a dog dangerous ?

Nowadays, it is really common to own a dog. Dogs are the most popular pets in the US with 65.1 millions households says Forbes. Dogs are often described as humans best friends but can also become their worst nightmare.

Top 10 most dangerous dogs breeds :


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On these TikToks you can find some lists of the most dangerous dogs and why they are dangerous, there is no specific right order between all of them. These dogs breeds were originally bred for bad purposes such as fights or hunts. They possess some genes that gave them natural tendencies of being dominant, loyal and impulsive which can be one of the many reasons why they could become violent. The other dogs breeds that don’t originally have these genes are strong and powerful.

Myself being a dog lover and a dogs owner of one Pit Bull and two Golden Retriever, I had to state my opinion on presumed dangerous dogs breeds.

Photo from Pexels from Helena Lopes
Photo from Pexels from Svetozar Milashevich
Photo from Pexels from Nikola Čedíková

What is important to keep in mind is that even if it is important not to ignore what breed is the dog, what really matters is what owner you are. Socializing them, getting them used to other dogs, species, people, stressful environment and so on are really important for the development and reactions of the dog. Raising them with love and positive behavior is your better chance of having a dog that would never hurt anybody. The main thing to remember is that most of the time it is not the dog you should be scared of but more of how his owner raised him.

Here is a video that shows that well :

As you know stereotypes are tough and hard to change, but at the end of the day a dog remains a living being with emotions and feelings and people has to learn that seing a Rottweiler for example doesn’t obviously means that you have to cross the street. Social media also gave me the desire to write about that topic that touches me personally and as I saw many other people do too. As a dog owner you don’t want your dog to be hated for no reasons.

I kindly invite you to tell me your opinion on such a controversial topic 🙂

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