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Dealing With Love From a Distance

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There is a popular saying that goes, “Communication saves relationships.” But is that true in a long-distance relationship? In today’s episode we will be examining a different curve in relationship, the long distance. What does it mean to be in a long-distance relationship? What does it entail? Does it usually have a happy ending or a sad one?

In previous years, the long-distance relationship was practically impossible. People found it hard to communicate and letters could not convey as much connection or intimacy as it should. But in our digital age, has the advanced connection made it easier to be in a long-distance relationship?

Now that we have modern opportunities to speak to our loved ones from a thousand miles away, does it make it any easier? Does this opportunity give us more chances of finding happiness in a long-distance relationship? It’s so easy to fall in love with a beautiful interest from the other side of the world. And with video calls and voice calls, it is easy to feel closer to them.

But is that enough? Does that substantiate for a physical relationship?

Join us today in my newest podcast dubbed “Love at a Distance” as I examine the dynamics of a long-distance relationship. What does it mean for the partners involved? By aggregating and contradicting different perspectives, we bring a new look to relationships and what it means for different people.

Podcast on Love at Distance by Grace Mamode

I evaluate side by side the good and the bad parts of a long-distance relationship. From financial strain to heightened emotions, promoting new boundaries, and the clash between reality and expectations. I explore those sacrifices, the predicted outcome and answer the budding question on whether a long-distance relationship is worth it or not.

A relationship is very essential. It’s a perfect medium to build a love life, a home, a career, a family, and a dream. A lot of people will sacrifice a lot just to have a happy relationship.

“Ten Tips on Making Your Long-Distance Relationship Work.” Source: A and C from YouTube.
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