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Dafne Kontoya brought Brazilian female rock to the Inner City  

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Despite Dublin’s multiculturalism, there remains a noticeable absence of diverse voices in the media. I strongly advocate for greater representation of individuals from various backgrounds within the media industry. 

When I conceived the idea of producing a radio documentary, I envisioned shedding light on the hidden multicultural talents tucked away in Dublin’s streets. 

In my article published by the Dublin Inquirer, Dafne Kontoya emerges as one of these hidden gems. A Brazilian performer, she brought Brazilian female rock music to the North Inner City.

Video by Bartira Augelli for

I was struck by her seamless transition between her everyday persona and her stage presence—a skill many of us encounter in our professional lives but not to the extent that performers do. 

Dafne’s journey to becoming a performer in popular venues like The Sound House is truly inspiring. She began her ascent from the grassroots, busking on Grafton Street and College Green. 

Overcoming her initial shyness, she reached out to musicians via Instagram for guidance and to expand her network. 

“I was delicate,” Dafne recalls, expressing her reluctance to impose or seek favours. Nevertheless, her determination to establish herself as a performer in Dublin was unwavering. 

Through patience and persistence, Dafne cultivated a network and began gracing numerous venues across Dublin. Today, she performs regularly in pubs and other popular establishments.

Dafne’s performances and interviews are undoubtedly captivating and warrant attention.

Producing the accompanying video was both a remarkable and challenging endeavour, occupying approximately five days of my time.

Picture by Bartira Augelli for
Picture by Bartira Augelli for

This project extended beyond meeting assignment criteria and offered a different medium through which to engage with the newspaper’s audience. It served as a platform for the Brazilian community, which, like many others, has the potential to contribute art, culture, and numerous other positive elements when afforded the appropriate space and opportunities.

More about her work in her Instagram page:

This post marks the culmination of my studies at Griffith College Dublin. Following this, I will proceed to submit my dissertation and graduate. 

At the outset of this journey, I harboured doubts about my capabilities as a reporter. However, collaborating with a local, independent paper has been transformative. Engaging in investigative journalism at the grassroots level has reshaped both my worldview and self-perception.

While I am not yet in a position to dispense advice as a seasoned reporter, I extend a suggestion to aspiring journalists who may be reading this: consider engaging with local media organisations.

The allure of working within local media outlets lies in the freedom they afford for exploring one’s potential. Nonetheless, this freedom demands relentless effort and a willingness to surpass one’s limitations. In my case, it occasionally led to exhaustion, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The knowledge gained and the work produced are invaluable.

To the students reading this blog, I extend my best wishes for your future endeavours as journalists. Perhaps our paths will cross someday!

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