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Comparative analysis: Android smartphone vs. Apple iPhone

There has been years of competition between Android phones and iPhones. Android had began its own company in 2003 and was developed by Google. Yet, later in 2005 Google had obtained ownership of the phone. On the flip side for iPhones, iOS for Apple had already taken off with the success of mobile phone products in the form of an iPod. The iPhone was secretly developed in 2004.

Years after in 2007, Apple revealed the first iPhone showing prototypes, such as the Blackberry phone. This iPhone had the use of hardware buttons, and had scroll wheels, that had been in the prototype phase for sometime. As Apple continued to develop similar prototypes but with better features, eventually Apple had made a large touch screen that appeared more like an iPhone.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Even though both smartphones offer wide ranges of features, and benefits to customize icon apps and more there are still differences between Androids and iPhones.

Apple iPhone vs. Android phone:

Using an Android smartphone, you can get apps from the Google play store with out having to type in a password or your Apple ID email. The only risk is that when these icon apps are download through Google play store, they are not secured , meaning there could be issues of the app not working properly. With Apple iPhones you can only download apps from the Apple Store.

Apple iPhones would have more privacy based on the Data that is being restored for protection. For Android phones are not strict on caring about the privacy of data protection. Most of their money comes from the usage of the user, using the data through the internet, and by selling the advertisements that is fitted to you (open sources). on the other hand Apple iPhones success of making money comes by the selling of the iPhone to customers.

Photo by from Pexels

Androids aren’t faster overall than the iPhone, but the Android provides a faster browsing experience almost a second more than the iPhone. This leads to the comparison of the battery usage for both mobile devices. Apple batteries is not large as the Android batteries therefore, Apple iPhone has a decent battery through a via hardware/ software boost. Meaning there is a customization in the settings, to slide the button on lowering the battery usage of the device.

Androids offers premium features like 5G, that is a reasonable price, yet when buying an iPhone, you won’t get a price under $200. But you can buy an Android that has 5G connectivity at the same expense. As example; Motorola and Samsung sell 5G phones under $200, which is not an option for the iPhone.


Samsung S21Ultra camera zoom test

♬ Original Sound – Unknown
Example of showing zoom test quality compare to iPhone: @deadinsiderf256

Android offers better zooming capabilities, such as the HDR on the camera. The iPhone 15 Pro that was made this the year in 2023/2024, has a better telephoto shot of a clear portrait. Therefore, iPhones are a better quality as it seems , when taking pictures, to edit the customize the photo image.


It’s more than a normal’s phone camera #OlsaSüperOlur #iSTYLE

Customization setting of how to show a clear portrait. video by:@istylelebanon

For the software side for Androids, the device provides a better multitasking capabilities than the Apple iPhone. For example; You can’t write a new composed message through the email, by copying the text above the thread in the Gmail on iPhone, yet the Android device is well able to do that.

There are features through a multi-window or a popup windows that you are not able to get on an iPhone, but they are available towards the Samsung and OnePlus phones.

Now Google and Samsung provide a new software update, similar to Apple iPhones therefore, you can expect Android phones to last longer in years to come, such as to year 2028.

Overall, Both devices has a lot of features, customization changes, zoning in on a photo, app, icons, speed on internet, and more to offer an option for a person to choose which phone is a benefit for their use. Which phone device would you prefer still, Apple iPhone or Android?

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