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Colleen Hoover: Bridging Love and Controversy in Contemporary Literature

Photographed by Jiselle Thomas

Colleen Hoover is a writer who has created feelings of both admiration and debate. Many people love her for creating stories filled with emotions and characters that feel real to readers everywhere. But along with praise, her work has faced controversy, why? Hoover creates intense subjects to tackle, two main subjects being mental health and complicated relationships.

Colleen Hoover, also known as CoHo by her fans, has a massive following across various social media platforms. With over 940,000 followers on her Facebook fan page and 1.4 million on TikTok, she has a high engagement with an active community of book lovers. On Goodreads, she holds the title of the second-most followed author, trailing only behind Stephen King. Despite her already immense popularity and slight controversy, there are no signs of her influence diminishing.

Her impact extends beyond social media metrics but also in 2023, TIME recognized her as one of the Most Influential People, emphasizing her status as a literary powerhouse. Additionally, her books consistently dominate the charts.

Colleen Hoover’s widespread and unwavering popularity truly highlights her as a leading figure in contemporary literature. Although Some critics argue that her stories glorify harmful behaviors or don’t treat serious issues with enough care. This debate has now led to heated discussions about what responsibilities fiction writers have when exploring sensitive topics. Despite these debates, Hoover’s books consistently sell well and continue to have devoted fans who appreciate her unique storytelling style.

Although there are different opinions on each end of the spectrum, Hoover’s impact on literature is significant. Her writing has created important conversations and pushes boundaries of what can/should be discussed in fiction. She’s recognized with literary awards and remains on bestseller lists, showcasing her influence on readers and the literary world as a whole. In the end, whether you love her work or have reservations about it, there’s no denying that Colleen Hoover’s storytelling leaves a lasting mark.
OPINION: Despite the controversy I became a fan of Colleen Hoover when I discovered her on Tik Tok, or in other words, Book Tok. I believe that her writing is captivating but I can also understand the divide she creates in audiences. To those interested in Colleen Hoover, my top recommendation is the book, Verity. Through the controversy this book is a psychological thriller that you don’t want to put down. I’ve read many of Hoover’s books and this is one that I think maneuvers through mental health in a respectful manner as one who’s also dealt with my own personal battles.

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