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Charles Aznavour, a pioner of French music

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Charles aznavour was a talented songwriter, artist, film director, poet, screenwriter and singer. Born in 1924 and died in 2018, he was a French symbol for having been gifted in many fields. He is known nowadays by all generations, whether young people or the generation of our parents and grandparents.

“La bohème” is a song Charles Aznavour wrote and sang in 1965. This love song recounts the nostalgic memories of the bohemian life of a young painter in a Parisian neighbourhood. This music recalls a period in mrs Aznavour’s life.
This song is one of the most emblematic of his career, selling over 200,000 copies in France. He says in an interview, adding that ‘bohemia’ represents carefree, free, bohemian lifestyles. Finally, in addition to being a period of life, Bohemia also refers to a literary and artistic movement of the 19th century, characterised by day-to-day poverty.

“Emmenez-moi is a work by Charles Aznavour, published in 1968”
The theme of Emmenez-moi is the narrator’s nostalgic desire to go far away to sunny countries to escape the misery of his daily life, because he claims: «It seems to me that misery would be less painful in the sun».
Aznavour also sings an English version of Emmenez-moi, entitled “Take Me Along”.
In France, the song was also covered in 1999 by Les “Croquants” and by “Enfoirés”.


‘Hier encore’ is another Charles Aznavour song released in 1964, this time composed by Georges Garvarentz. The lyrics are the reflections of an elderly man taking stock of his life. He realises that he has gradually wasted his life chasing dreams, dashed hopes and futile loves. Now that he seems closer to the end of his life than his 20s, he wonders how he managed to waste his time through selfishness.
What makes this song so special is that Aznavour also sang it in Italian in 1970, as well as in English, Spanish and Japanese.
‘Hier encore’ is one of the most famous songs of Mrs Aznavour’s career.

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