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Celebrating International Women’s Day With 5 Influential Women and Their Achievements.

A group of women laughing (photo credit: iStock)

The official women’s day is celebrated annually on the 8th of March. It’s a day women’s contributions in the progression of humanity are celebrated and acknowledged. Women’s day started on 8th of March 1908, women working in needles trades protested through New York city’s Lower East Side against child labor and working conditions and demanded women’s right.

Internationals women’s day also addresses gender equality, reproductive rights, violence and abuse against women. This creates an avenue for joint action and cooperation in supporting women’s right and empowerment.

The color for women’s day is purple. It represents justice, dignity and the color of women and gender equality. In England it represents royalty and loyalty. the 2024 theme for womens day is Investing in women: Accelerate progress.

To celebrate 2024 international women’s day, here are five influential women from around the world and their achievements.


Gerda Lerner. (photo credit: zinnedproject)

Gerda Lerner an Austrian born and American Historian. Lerner organized the first women’s history week in 1979, which later became women’s history month.

she contributed to making the study of women and their lives a real subject for historian. “She believed that patriarchy was based on ideological and that in the western world it divided the connection between women and the divine.”

Gerda Lerner published the article “The lady and the mill girl.”(1969) which was an example of an analyses of women’s class.

Lerner founded the first the first dictoral program in womens history. she wrote The Creation of Patriarchy, a male dominance in the western civilization, The creation of feminist consciousness.

Gerda Lerner won a Lifetime Achievement from American historical association. She also won the highest honor given by the state of Austria and many other awards.

Lerner passed away in 2013.



Hanna Sheeny was an Irish nationalist who was part of the founding members of Irish women workers union. she was an influential woman in the time of suffragette movement. she fought for the women’s equal right in Ireland.

Hanna founded the Irish women league in 1908 which advocated for civil rights. she was a writer who used her writings to advocate for women and their lives. She joined other women in Dublin city center throwing rocks at the castle windows in reaction to women being not included in the franchise of the third home rule bill.

She died in 1946.


Michelle Obam (photo credit: elite daily)

Michelle Obama is an American author, attorney and wife to former president of United States of America. She is a role model to many women around the world. she is an advocate for families and girl’s education.

she has written 12 books. Her best-selling book and of best of all time selling books was “Becoming”. she sold more than 18 million copies.

In 2010, she launched Let’s Move. which is dedicated to solving obesity problems in generations. Helping children born grow healthier and active enough to purse their dreams.

She has launched so many other campaigns that benefits everyone in the society particularly families, women and children.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Equality Now)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian award-winning writer and feminist.

she has written 20 books. Her first novel, Purple Hibiscus 2003 won the commonwealth writers prize in 2005 and Debut Fiction Hurston/wright Legacy Award in 2005.

Chimamanda was named one of the most important twenty fiction writers today under forty years old by “The New Yorker.” Her book Half a yellow sun 2006 won the orange prize and women’s prize for fiction in 2007 and was also the winner of winners from 25 years of women’s prize for fiction winning books in 2021.she also wrote a short non fiction book We should all be feminist which about how everyone should do better to ensure that there is equality of gender. the book talks about important topics.

Her book Americanah won the US national book critics circle award and was one of New York Times top best books in 2013.



Taylor is an American singer, songwriter. She’s one of the world best selling musicians and as sold more than 200 million records. she is the first and only woman to win the Grammys album of the year three times for her solo recordings.

Taylor’s songs such as “Never getting together” have empowered women as they find the music relatable. Her songs encourages courage, self acceptance and getting strength from weaknesses and celebrates victories.

Her documentary “Miss Americana” was an inspiration to so many women and young girls as it documents her passion for music and career and struggles.

Taylor Swift is an inspiration to many women a through her songs and she is one of the most popular musicians in the world.

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