Brazilians arrested in Thailand suspected of international drug trafficking

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A young woman and two men, aged 21, 23 and 27, were arrested with cocaine at the airport in Bangkok.

Three Brazilians were arrested at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand, suspected of international drug trafficking, after being caught with 15.5 kilos of cocaine, according to the country’s authorities.
The suspects are a 21-year-old girl, a 27-year-old man, and another 23-year-old. The Itamaraty, responsible for communicating with citizens outside Brazil, informed that, through the Bangkok embassy, it is monitoring the situation. and providing assistance to Brazilians.

Thailand is one of the countries where drug trafficking can be punished with death, depending on the amount of drugs and the circumstances.

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Brazilians were arrested in two different situations:

According to Thai authorities, the 27-year-old man and the young woman were first arrested. They left Curitiba and, after stopovers, arrived in the country on a flight, around 7 am on February 14.

Hours later, the authorities arrested the young man from Apucarana. He arrived at the airport on another flight. Authorities said they did not know whether he knew the other suspects.

How the drug was found:

The drug was found with the man and the young woman after airport staff suspected items shown on the X-ray. Customs officials searched the passengers’ three suitcases and found 9 kilos of cocaine. The drug was hidden in a hidden compartment.
Jordi Vilsinski Beffa, from Apucarana, was arrested hours later. With him, according to Thai authorities, agents found 6.5 kilos of cocaine hidden in two suitcases.

What the Brazilian authorities say:

The Itamaraty informed that it is monitoring the situation and that it provides assistance to Brazilians, but did not detail what is being done in relation to the case. The agency also said that “in observance of the right to privacy”, it cannot provide specific data on “individual cases of assistance to Brazilian citizens”.

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