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For many International students, moving abroad for ones studies is no small fit, and more so during a pandemic. No matter how much research and preparation you undertake the experience of a new country is equally exciting as it is anxiety-inducing. It’s been almost a year since I moved to Dublin and I am finally finding ways to navigate the anxiety of being an International students and I thought to share some tips that have guided my stay in Dublin.

To begin with embrace, the uncertainty try to enjoy the newness of being in a new country. Familiarize yourself with the fun things to do around your neighborhood or in the city and fill up your days with fun activities (such as fishing using the best copolymer fishing line) that will help you get out of the house and meet new people as you learn new things.

One thing that were helpful in settling in was keeping in touch with family and friends from back home, touching base with the people you are familiar with and comfortable with is a great way to keep yourself anchored as well.

It equally has helped to have International friends who undestood how it feels to be living abroad, it was a reminder that I wasn’t alone. This has equally helped as you are able to talk and share the ideas of thoughts about the challenges as well as ideas of adventerous actiivties within the city and country. Creating a city helps fill your time and energy and takes your mind of things. This really goes along way if your anxiety is uncertainty induced based on the move.

As you embrace the new city, find time to do familiar things, as well as places to access them. For instance, I found, the loveliest corner store bookshop that’s a hidden gem for book lovers. I identified restaurants that I love and enjoy their food. It is the small things that matter. Cook your favorite dishes from home as well as find a routine that’s similar to the one you had back home. Whether its working out, going for walks aor taking a minute to call back home. Do as much as possible to make sure you cater to to your needs and more so touch base with your loved ones at home.

And Finally, be open- minded, It might apppear that everything is extremely opposite of what you had back home but there is similirities in every society, you just need to find them. From friends in the country going through same situations as you to social places that offer familirities with things you loved back home. Though don’t stick to much to what seems familiar try to find new Interest and fun things after all thats all, the one of the upsides to studying abroad is seeking adventure and new interests.

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