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Ireland being one of the most accommodating destinations with a wide number of foreign settlers around the world and among these come from various parts of Africa who are followed by different languages, lifestyles, and way of life.Apart from all this, it is the music life of Africa. Commonly known as Afro beats, this music type from Africa has risen not only around the world but also in Ireland. Various parts of Ireland have gotten accustomed to listening and dancing to the tunes of Afro beats, where you can tunes being played in clubs, events, and other kinds of social gatherings capturing a wide range of audiences no matter where they are coming from. Afro beats have also increased in the Irish music platform in a way of introducing African rhythm and melody which has been very influential among the people. Alot of people have been brought together through the love of musical since music is a way of connecting souls together, this applies to Afro beats too which has brought diverse cultures, race, and ethnicity together which has brought in a good relationship among people due their love for music. This also in some way promotes cultural exchange with a wide audience that will share their culture through music like rhythm, dance moves and beats. For example, ‘Shakamu’ from Ghana, ‘Amapiano’ from South Africa and from Ireland we have ‘slow air,’ ‘Celtic’ which you will find almost everyone embracing and appreciating this kind of music hence creating diversity and awareness about the music culture.

However, the focus today is not what Afro beats is but in what ways are music promoters, DJs, event planners are promoting awareness and of course earning from the world of Afro beats within Ireland. Planning events like inviting musicians to perform especially in Dublin has created a wide platform for afro beat music. Big known music artist like ‘Burna Boy,’ ‘Davido,’ to mention but a few have at one time visited Ireland to perform on shows and quite remarkably having excessively big turn ups. This not only creates market for the music industry hence increasing revenue but also spreading more awareness of Afro beats to the public within Ireland.Apart from artists performing, a lot of music events and gigs have been held in clubs, social gathering like “African day” which is held at least once every year, has managed to create the growth of Afro beats and a way of music promotion and marketing. It would seem impossible failing to find an event almost every weekend these days that is hosting an Afro beat event in Ireland that feature Afro beat music or artists.These events and gatherings have contributed not only to the economy but has also promoted a cultural exchange between Irish and African music and this will enhance global connection through the music environment in Ireland.An interview with a well-known DJ based in Ireland talks to us about what it means being an Afro beat genre DJ in Ireland and the challenges, the growth, and the meaning of introducing Afro beat music to the people of Ireland.

Caption: Pixbay by Klazing
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